Practical Christmas Gifts {that keep on giving?}

What about practical Christmas gifts “that keep on giving?”

Considering practical Christmas Gifts can get a bit tough. Because what is practical to you, may not be practical for others.

one year gifts that keep on giving - Practical Christmas Gifts {that keep on giving?}And in general – gift giving is an odd human ritual – especially around “obligatory” holidays such as Xmas, birthdays and anniversaries. About the only kind of celebration that has automatic practical gifts are showers (baby, bridal).

Gifts are better off as tokens of appreciation – any time of the year – not forced during holidays like that. A big “thank you” for assistance or just showing that you care about another person.

And even worse is that many people buy extravagant gifts for others. Which is, what we feel, a complete waste of money. Especially superficial crap like jewelry.

That said – some people do choose gifts that may not necessarily be practical – but “keep on giving” long after the initial exchange.

What are some (good) gifts that keep on giving?

While some folks consider magazine subscriptions good – we feel it’s hard to find any reputable mainstream publications these days, so we don’t recommend.

But here are some that people could find some benefit:

  • A CSA Share – The farmers’ markets are done for the year, but I’m sure a CSA share (like from our pals at Poplar Wood Farm) would be appreciated. Who doesn’t love locally-grown fresh fruits and veggies each week? Especially at no cost?
  • Shopping Club Membership – Like BJ’s or Costco – these annual memberships gain access to the heavily discounted shopping clubs in the area. Save a significant amount of money during the course of a year, without the hassle of clipping coupons or scouring through fliers.
  • Perennial flowers or shrubbery. If your friend or family member has some property – a good flowering plant or even decorative shrub can live for a long time with the proper care.
  • A wine of the month club – self-explanatory (and enjoyable!)
  • Ammo – If you know what kind of (legal) firearm(s) your recipient owns – a couple boxes of ammunition would be very much appreciated. Either for their stockpile, or to use at the range.

Like we said – gift-giving can suck. In particular when it’s semi-forced.

But hopefully, our practical Christmas Gifts guides have offered at least some inspiration to get you through this holiday season.

gifts that keep on giving - Practical Christmas Gifts {that keep on giving?}

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