Black Friday

Is this the last year of Black Friday?

Most Black Friday sales started WEEKS before today. Is that enough to stop the moronic “rampages” that happen at low-end retail stores like Walmart?

I sure hope so – for the sake of humanity.

And have you ever seen a “door busting” stampede at places like Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue? Never. Not once.

What does that tell you about society as a whole? Can you connect the dots?

And what about BS “wait on line” incentives?

One store flyer we stumbled across offered a “$750,000 giveaway” to people who arrived early this morning. Sounds awesome right? They didn’t provide any specific details as to what that meant. Just a big ambiguous collection of words and fonts.

A two-minute research quest revealed that it equated to a $10 coupon. TEN dollars to wake up early and wait outside in the cold to save what amounts to peanuts.

While we agree that some good deals can be had on Black Friday – only if you shop prudently. But the best gifts are handmade or sentimental. Consumer products never make or break anyone’s lives.

Maybe kids – but it’s rare that a gift a child receives will ever reach “heirloom” status, that’s for sure.

Shoprite has a good deal today, actually

And in case you’re wondering – I believe it was in a Shoprite flier I saw this. Where if you buy a $100 gift card there, you get $20 bucks back to spend for food on your next visit. I think it’s good tomorrow too.

Makes sense if you plan on giving out gift certificates this year. Why the heck not, right?

Be careful out there today regardless!

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