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As of late, more and more “light” has been shining on the City of Hoboken and the people that run it. Most recently was the embarrassing budget debacle that even made national news in the NY Times.

One Hoboken411 reader, “Katie_Scarlett” decided it’s time to start emailing the big-wigs of the state, including Hoboken’s own “Governor” of New Jersey itself, Jon Corzine. She also copied Senators Lautenberg & Menendez.

Hoboken resident gets fresh with the state

“Dear 411:

The following correspondence has occurred between the Department of Justice and me this afternoon (7/9/08). I sincerely hope this fixes the corruption in this town and I encourage anyone and everyone to send their own letters!:

(Sent by me 6/25/08)

Governor Corzine,
As a Hoboken resident, surely you are aware of the budget crisis in Hoboken and the State’s resolution to the crisis. Hoboken’s mayor, David Roberts, has managed to bloat the budget to nearly double what it was when he took office with no ascertainable gains for his constituents. Rumors of fiscal waste, such as no-show jobs, payola and other such nefarious acts can be substantiated if the state would just come in and take a hard look at this city. People are ready to name names, it is simply a matter of opening an investigation.

At this point, the state has nodded and winked and allowed the 10 million dollar deficit in this year’s budget to be carried forward to next year’s budget. What is to stop this from continuing in perpetuity? When will we, the taxpayers, have our voices heard and have a real state investigation into the waste and criminal activity going on in this town??

Please, as a Hoboken resident and as the top holder of elected office in this state, do not turn a blind eye and help us, your constituents AND your neighbors, and clean up this town.



Yesterday, I received this response from the Governor’s office. (411 note: Other residents received the exact same canned response to their inquiries)

Dear Angry Resident Katie_Scarlett,

Your e-mail to Governor Jon Corzine concerning the City of Hoboken has been referred to the State’s Division of Local Government Services.

As you may be aware, the Division has been working with City officials toward resolution of its fiscal issues. As a result of the Council’s delay in setting its FY 2008 budget, Council members have been fined for their delay, the Division set the final quarter’s tax levy, and on June 30, the Council finally adopted the budget. The Division is continuing to review other actions which may be necessary to ensure the fiscal integrity and stability of the City’s finances.

Thank you for contacting Governor Corzine.


Division of Local Government Services

Her last response to the DLGS is below, and she hasn’t received a reply as of yet.

“Does this mean that the state will investigate the no-show jobs, the current tenants of public housing & their legitimate claims to being there (Church Square Towers and Marine View Plaza certainly have a high number of $60-70K Mercedes in their lot, it’s absurd to think that someone who can afford that car can’t afford market rate housing), and the absolutely ludicrous nepotism in city employment despite an apparent lack of job qualifications? Will a total city reval be forthcoming, or will those of us buying condos now continue to pay for 90% of the budget while the rest of the town quietly sits on properties worth millions of dollars, but valued at a fraction of their worth?

At some point, will the state look into the people who own several properties around town (either under their name, or under their name w/an LLC after it), but who continue to live in subsidized housing? Will the state be looking into what happened to the lost parking meter quarters? Has the state been made aware of the company employed to collect those quarters? Rumor has it that they were employed on a no-bid contract and that the company has mob ties. Will those allegations be investigated, or will the 25% increase in 4th quarter tax bills be as far as the state goes? I know several of my friends have received their bills at a 25% premium over the third quarter.

Furthermore, the mayor should be held ultimately responsible for the budget. The city council approves the numbers he provides (or in this instance, didn’t provide). Yet the city council was fined. What about the mayor? When will this end?

Please help clean up Hoboken.
Thank you for your time.

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I have been away from this site for some time so I have not read this post and the comments until now. However, I have to say I think this is fantastic. I have been planning on submitting a similar open letter to our state government and justice officials in the paper.

In it I was going to state that the taxpayers of Hoboken are being held hostage by a group of corrupt officials. That they are using the money from developers, the fears of those living in affordable housing, and the steady support of those with cushy government jobs and contracts, to maintain their stranglehold over the city.

These corrupt officials use this power to perform double dealing, provide insiders with no work or no show jobs, free or low cost housing, and insider no bid contracts. From schools, to the hospital, to development deals, Hoboken is rotten to the core and one only needs to take a peek to find examples. It says a lot of bad things about New Jersey that this is too low on state officials priority list to investigate.

I am a loyal lifelong democrat but I think that Hoboken and New Jersey in general needs more competition from a second party. Either that or everyone in this town with kids or paying real estate taxes needs to wake the hell up.


Katie_S for Mayor. Recall on Biffy B.


Matt-yea, the 90 percent was a “guesstimate”. Thanks for the backup on the rest.


[quote comment=”92348″]Katie, your letter is all hearsay. I feel sorry for the person that had to come up with an intelligent response to this immature rant. In fact, I applaud the state of New Jersey for even responding to it.

And to show you that I am a compassionate man, I seriously hope you are not holding your breath for a second reply.[/quote]

Every example she gave is backed up by numerous examples that have been pointed out to on this site and in the local papers. They only thing she is probably off on is the 90% figure she threw out. That is an exageration.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

[quote comment=”92349″][quote comment=”92348″]Katie, your letter is all hearsay. I feel sorry for the person that had to come up with an intelligent response to this immature rant. In fact, I applaud the state of New Jersey for even responding to it.

And to show you that I am a compassionate man, I seriously hope you are not holding your breath for a second reply.[/quote]biffy- go f yourself. Sincerely. You’re too stupid for me to bother with.[/quote]

And apparently YOU are too stupid for the State to deal with!