Are you sick of “Historical Preservation” yet?

Are you sick of “Historical Preservation” yet? {you should be}

Historical preservation should be left up to the individual. Not the community.

government control over property and artistic freedomSince when did we, as people, allow a small group of other people DICTATE how homes or buildings should “look?”

I’m not saying that “historic” neighborhoods don’t look good, or may or may not add value to an area – I’m saying how it comes about is wrong. The government should not have any control over aesthetics. (Sure, building height is another aspect – but that a conversation for another day…)

Pick a block, any block – say uptown Hudson Street or Bloomfield Street. The “look and feel” of the buildings on those streets should be agreed upon by the residents living there. Make it voluntary. By consent. Hope for the best.

Perhaps if one resident sells his building, he can do it based on some kind of contractual agreement between the buyer and seller to “maintain” that look. Again, by consent.

But if someone wants to “modernize” their private property – well, there should be nothing stopping them. Even if it upsets the rest of the neighborhood. Because THOSE ARE ONE OF THE PITFALLS OF LIVING IN A TIGHTLY PACKED CITY!

What about ethnic or race preservation? Not gonna happen

And what about race?

You can’t forbid someone of a different ethnic race from moving in on your street. Doesn’t that also change the “look” of the neighborhood? So with that precedent in place, the should apply to how people want their buildings to look.

An “ethnic preservation” committee would be completely forbidden! And so should all the Historical preservation committees and laws as well.

historical preservation in Hoboken NJ unnecessary

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