Heavy Duty Trump Microscope

Odd. Why the heavy duty Trump microscope from MSM?

It’s about two months before Trump is supposed to be inaugurated into the office of President of the United States.

And in just two weeks after the “surprise” results (no surprise to us), the “media” or MSM (“mainstream media”) has been on a full-tilt granular “attack” on the upcoming “leader of the free world.”

Why didn’t this happen comparatively to other Presidents?

It’s happened to some degree with each new President. But never like this. I’ve never seen such scrutiny.

The MSM didn’t portray this kind of scrutiny with Crooked Hillary’s nefarious endeavors. Now, each footstep Donald Trump (literally) takes – the MSM is commenting out the a-hole.

Don’t you see the disparity?

Sabotage – Full Assault – Disruptive

trump riots - Heavy Duty Trump Microscope

Yeah, that will help.

Back in the day – when a new President was elected, people, including the MSM gave a pseudo-grace period to allow the new leader to formulate plans, announce them, and implement them.

These days, even considerations are bashed before any conversation takes place.

It seems to me that the “system” is hell bent on making DJT’s job as difficult as possible. On purpose.

This did NOT happen with the past few administrations.

Why now? Why today?

Would this be happening at the same frenetic pace if HRCC (the first “C” is for “Crooked”)?

If I had a parallel universe crystal ball I could prove to you that it WOULD NOT. The MSM would be praising her every move as if it was a Japanese smut film with multiple m…. (forget that analogy).

Read between the lines – and find connections

See – many MSM outlets (including the hopefully soon out of business NYT) have offered some bizarre olive branch to their readers regarding their absolute ineptitude. Or corruption. Whatever you choose to believe.

It’s clear to many that life in America (and most of the globe) is not what you believe.

The trickery and deception that has taken place for a couple centuries will only get worse as our population swells and methods of duping one another expand.

The ordinary human mind cannot keep up. Nor do they strive to.

They’re happy with the professional sports, brand name consumer goods, and other self-indulging narcissistic activities.

Take a step back – and figure it out

Everyone has some kind of opinion. They believe what they believe. It takes a strong individual to strip that all away to see things as they are.

One key tool everyone can use is “Cui Bono?” Which is Latin for “who benefits.”

Always think – “WHO BENEFITS?”

Charities. Humanitarian efforts.” Tax adjustments. And 100’s of other endeavors that nudge and affect ordinary people.


And when it comes to the relentless attacks on Trump – you have to guess that Trump’s firm policies will negatively affect those who have been benefiting from a rigged, corrupt system for WAY TOO LONG.

It’s up to you to identify those players.

the trump microscope - Heavy Duty Trump Microscope

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