Real physical toys?

Hard to believe but true – real physical toys still exist

man playing with real physical toys in Hoboken NJ - Real physical toys?Everyone and their brother plays “digital” games mostly these days. Pixels on some kind of screen. Online gaming. Rankings. Countless hours wasted. Glued to a screen. You’d think real physical toys would be extinct by now.

Not the case.

I’ve been seeing this (full grown adult male) play with his basic remote control car along Vezzetti Way as of late.

Imagine that? A simple act of enjoying driving a little battery-powered race car along the sidewalk? Perhaps using your imagination?

I’m sure this would offend people. Maybe the bike lane advocates would get triggered into believing it violates some kind of safe space. Who knows.

But it was a pleasure to see that someone can still have fun by themselves outside of the digital matrix.

A perfect Bobby McFerrin song to accompany this:

real physical toys hoboken NJ - Real physical toys?

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