Bartholomew Fair, NJ


This Saturday, over at Sinatra Park. Free for everyone!


Bartholomew Fair, NJ

Originally written by Ben Jonson in 1641, Bartholomew Fair took place at one of London’s most popular summer fairs and brought together the lower masses and upper classes in a twisting, comedic knot of deceit, disguise, marriage licenses and a puppet show.

Nearly 400 years later, Billy Mitchell adapts Mr. Jonson’s great comedy, in modern verse featuring only five performers taking on nearly 20 characters in an under 90-minute show. Bartholomew Fair, NJ owes as much to Monty Python and Carol Burnett as it does to Ben Jonson’s original script, bringing a contemporary sensibility to the classic comedy suitable for all ages.”

Two performances: Saturday, June 27th at 4pm and 7pm.

IN case of rain, the event will be moved indoors to the DeBaun Auditorium.

The Theater Company also has other area shows in July.

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