Literal shakening

The Literal Shakening: President Trump

Below is a mildly entertaining video “vlog” from some girl who calls herself Shoe0nHead.

For those that only stick to mainstream publications – you probably did not see this. But it gives you some perspective to how the Hashtag Generation (millennials) handled the outcome of the Presidential election.

It also gives you some insight to how a basic English word, “literally” is wholeheartedly being destroyed by that generation. They cannot just describe any simple action WITHOUT saying the word “literally” in front of it.

As if they did NOT say “literally,” it cannot possibly be true.

(Same probably goes for any physical event can no longer be true unless you take a selfie… but I digress.)

I wonder how that phenomenon started.

Anyway – for your lunch time-waster:

the literal shakening - Literal shakening

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