Words vs. Actions

Rhetoric or reality? Words vs. Actions

Here’s some food for thought this morning. Words vs. Actions. Can any of you tell the difference?

So all those people are “protesting” Trump – who hasn’t really done a thing (politically) yet. He just said words. And acted how an alpha male capable of keeping his shit together should.

Yet (it appears, thanks to MSM “coverage”) that so many folks are upset. Or are they? Perhaps just paid puppets to give off an appearance? Hmmm.

Why weren’t they protesting the deficit? Or other blatant lies?

The outgoing president completely LIED about the “affordable care act.” Does that matter to anymore? Or do they just love lying down and take it where the light doesn’t shine?

But again – these are “perceptions.” Many people got psychologically indoctrinated or manipulated into feeling such anger on such little merit.

When they’re presented with facts and evidence about the team they’re rooting for – they short-circuit. Mentally malfunction.

And of course, there are also people angry about this – you just don’t get spoon-fed that information. You have to hunt it down because that doesn’t fit the desired narrative.

The bigger question is – who can we credit for creating such a large mass of ridiculously stupid people?

words versus actions - Words vs. Actions

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