Legitimate gripes vs. paid agitators

Legitimate gripes vs. paid agitators (or just plain dummies?)

How do you dismantle these “protests?” How can you tell the difference between honest protests against blatant wrongs – or a “manufactured” riot?

If these so-called “protests” have been organized (some say by Soros), or whoever is “spearheading” this unnatural civil unrest – how can we hold them responsible?

It seems to me – that if everyone knows that someone else is behind this manufactured disruption of a peaceful life – why can’t we stop them? The damage, traffic, injuries, and even deaths – is unacceptable. And the facilitators of said riots, protests, or whatever you want to label them as – should pay dearly.

And before you get all riled up about the civil liberty of the ability to “protest,” these “protests” aren’t about any acting member of the government. While Trump does enjoy the benefits of the Secret Service now that he’s “President-Elect,” he has not implemented ONE law or executive order. Yet.

Protests were mainly against unjust actions of (mostly) political bodies and (sometimes) businesses or other high-profile, influential people. These people are using the loopholes to create a false perception of what is really happening.

Yet I guarantee you – with those “organizers” along with “paid agitators,” these damn protests would NEVER amass the scale they have. I don’t care how many social media networks you’re on. There were no mass (violent) protests during the Obumma regime.

So with our crackpot alphabet-agencies – why isn’t more done to bring these society-disrupters to justice? What the hell are they waiting for?

And worse off – how come so many mentally-enslaved morons are participating? Many have already said (like those schooling that fat bitch Lena Dunham) – that they are fucking CLUELESS, and only react to emotions and not facts.

I highly recommend everyone look up John Taylor Gatto for the education problem in our society. But it’s amazing how generations are indoctrinated worse than ever now – “thanks” to this stupid technology we all use as a crutch in everyday life.

paid agitators


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