When are you really an adult?

You’re an adult when it’s convenient for THEM

Every now and then – you see some “news” headline that says something like this – “16-year-old boy to be “tried as an adult” in some murder case…”

This is why “laws” and the so-called “interpretative” nature of them are one reason we should strive to have LESS of them.

The whole “tried as an adult” thing annoys me.

If the law says the person is a minor – then those laws that pertain to minors should be used. No wavering.

  • You’d never see them saying “oh, you’re 16? You look capable of buying alcohol or cigarettes and using them wisely – go ahead!”
  • Or, “hey, you’re only 55? Hmm. You’ve been working every day since you were a teenager. I think we’ll say you deserve your social security payments now.”

They only fudge these age limits when it’s convenient for the armed thugs of the establishment. Never to benefit the people.

Common thread in the system, that’s for sure.

adult age limits - When are you really an adult?

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