Illegal Parking by Hoboken Royalty


Here’s a real good photo timeline of “privileged parking” in action in Hoboken!

Submitted by Hoboken411 reader (and occasional contributor) estevens. Thanks again!

In plain sight

So I’m at 2nd and Washington and a Mercedes SUV pulls up and parks illegally on the corner. Mark Settembre, partner in URSA – as in Tarragon/URSA (Northwest, Northwest Edge Redevelopment) – exits the vehicle and sits down at the Brass Rail’s sidewalk café.

hoboken mark settembre illegally parked mercedes suv - Illegal Parking by Hoboken Royalty

Minutes later, Dominic Lisa, Chair of the Hoboken Zoning Board, parks his Lexus illegally on the same corner and joins Settembre.

hoboken domenic lisa illegally parked lexus - Illegal Parking by Hoboken Royalty

Of course, the parking privileges are what first caught my eye. But the real question is: Why is the Chair of the Zoning Board lunching with Hoboken’s mega-developer? This is the third time I’ve seen them (the first two times at Tutta Pasta). Also… Lisa lives at One Marine View Plaza (4th and Hudson). Why does he drive to the Brass Rail (Second and Washington)?

See what did (and didn’t) happen after the jump!!

(Hoboken Royalty – continued…)

Settembre and Lisa proceed to have lunch (Settembre – gray shirt; Lisa – black shirt). This is just wrong…

hoboken domenic lisa mark settembre brass rail - Illegal Parking by Hoboken Royalty

Traffic cop couldn’t care less…

hoboken domenic lisa mark settembre eat while cop watches illegally parked car - Illegal Parking by Hoboken Royalty
hoboken domenic lisa mark settembre eat while cop watches illegally parked car 2 - Illegal Parking by Hoboken Royalty

However, a motorcycle cop was ticketing cars in vicinity… and an HPU employee was checking metered parking… no problem for these two!

Wouldn’t you like to just park anywhere for a quick sidewalk lunch?

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A blending of the old and new will bring better government to Hoboken. “The staff is only as good as the leader it follows”. We have to change the leadership. May 09 will be a great start 💡


Looks like Lisa lives a pretty good life on our backs, eh?


[quote comment=”92775″]What they seek is a way to buy a home in a town that isn’t screwing them over so it can enrich its overpaid & underworked workforce.[/quote]

It’s my guess that most of them don’t even know what goes on in Hoboken politics and don’t know they’re being screwed. I used to be one of those yuppies – I knew my taxes were high but I didn’t question it and I didn’t know why. I think if this contingent knew they were being taken advantage of, damn straight they’d be at the polls. I’m giving them way more credit – rarely does anyone know they’re being screwed and not act on it.


They largely don’t vote b/c for them, Hoboken is just where they sleep. They will never settle down here b/c frankly, this city is run like a criminal enterprise that only exists to fleece them. If they actually thought their future was in Hoboken, they would care, they would vote. But they don’t see a future in this town. What they seek is a way to buy a home in a town that isn’t screwing them over so it can enrich its overpaid & underworked workforce. Most of them only live in town for a handful of years and then they move on to other towns or even other parts of the country. And FYI – quite a few can’t vote anyway. At least 5% of the folks in my building aren’t even US citizens.


Looks like I’ve insulted both sides of the aisle.

matt_72: Colonblow’s got it exactly right.

[quote comment=”92760″]I don’t think he’s referring to all yuppies in this town as zombie yuppies. But for the most part, the majority of the yuppie/new Hoboken contingent doesn’t vote, doesn’t get involved, sleeps through all that’s going on around them, and doesn’t know or care to know they’re getting robbed through their taxes…ie, as if they were sleep walking…like zombies…”without a clue”.[/quote]

I grew up in northern Bergen County. I moved here after busting my a** working full-time while getting my degrees, then working 80-90 hours a week for two years to scratch a down-payment together, and spending countless more hours putting sweat-equity into a rundown Hoboken rowhouse. Now I watch as the Hoboken Ruling Class gets rich on my dime and my fellow young urban professionals choose to ignore our problems or flee. Such is my frustration – my apologies for not choosing my words more carefully.