Hoboken Weather Watch 7/9/2008


Not saying it’s imminent, but there’s a chance we might have some stronger t-storms later today.. so be aware!


Thunderstorms will prowl the Northeast on Wednesday. Although no widespread severe weather outbreak is anticipated, several clusters and lines of strong to severe storms will be possible. The best chance for strong to severe storms will extend from Maine into eastern Pennsylvania and points east. The main threats with the strongest of storms will be small hail and gusty winds. Frequent lightning and very heavy rain will accompany the thunderstorms.

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George Carlin on the weather: Yesterday we had a Canadian low followed today by a Mexican high!

Hoboken 411. Don’t forget to unplug your computers. I don’t believe in the addage that lightning never strikes the same place twice.

I will be staying undercover as much as possible due to that metal plate in my head. Stay away from the ducking Giant! 🙂


The only way these “weather watches” would be better is if you had a continually updating radar. Nothing like watching the Doppler!!! Without radar, weather ain’t nothing but a story.

I love this aspect of your personality, 411.