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You can eat bread {Thin Slim Foods}

we-love-thin-slim-foods-low-carb-breadWe embarked on a low-carb lifestyle way back in 2010. After much research and self-experimentation, we determined it’s almost single-handedly the most important “life change” every human can make. Better than exercise, organic foods, or eco-friendly ingredients. Thin Slim Foods is what we’ll be talking about today.

In a nutshell – excessively raising your blood sugar via food consumption just leads to bad things.

Constant hunger, poor food choices, obesity, and eventually diabetes (or worse). This includes most staple foods in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Sandwiches. Crackers. Chips. Smoothies. Almost all bread is bad (maybe except true ancient grains). Even the gluten-free stuff is terrible, sometimes affecting blood-sugar levels even worse! (The only good thing for non-celiac sufferers for not eating wheat is the lack of systemic inflammation).

A semi-good rule of thumb to keep blood sugar levels in check is to NEVER eat more than 50g of carbs in a “sitting.” It’s still way too high for us (under 20g is preferable – the lower the better).

But the thing most people “miss” when converting to low-carb – is the bread. Understandably. The burgers and sandwiches you were accustomed to your whole life were essentially gone. The replacements sucked. Gluten free even sucked.

However, we discovered something recently. Thin Slim Foods. And we found them by using an internet search we never thought of: “diabetic foods.” That’s right.

Thin Slim Foods makes perfect bread alternatives

Thin Slim Foods (out of Princeton, New Jersey) is a low-carb producer of foods. Mostly breads, but lots of “sweets” like brownies and cookies as well.

They absolutely DO NOT abide by the ultra-organic, “sustainable,” or gluten-free fads out there. Just stuff you can eat that will NOT impact your blood sugar levels. (note they are “beta testing” some gluten free stuff which we found “okay.”)

But most of their products do contain some gluten – but hardly enough to make you feel like shit (like after eating an entire Italian Hero does). So anyone who MUST live a gluten-free life needs to know that.

Below is a representation of what we “blindly” bought from Thin Slim Foods when we first discovered them. (Note everything must be frozen upon receipt – just keep what you plan to eat immediately in the fridge).


Breads, rolls, buns, and some treat bars (sweetened with sugar alcohols). This was several months ago – and I’ve put these products through the RINGER to figure out how they best work in our lives.

Imagine having a sandwich or burger with just 4g net carbs (or even less?)

So how do the low-carb Thin Slim Foods products taste?

This is an honest review. So let’s cut to the chase:

Thin Slim Foods burger & hot dog buns – These bad boys were a bit dense. We tried toasting, which yielded mixed results. It’s not “real” bread, so the crisping dynamic is not what you’re used to – even if you slather them with butter. Best eaten cold.

Thin Slim Foods BREADS – we tried some “everything,” “onion,” and “sesame” varieties. Both regular thickness and “thin sliced.” The regular breads were okay – but toasting again is not particularly exciting. A bit dry. Best eaten unaltered. The THIN-SLICED bread is our hands-down favorite. For burgers, you can eat straight, and they ROCK for making egg sandwiches on a griddle. Butter the pan and flatten the sandwich with a spatula (a la Panini sort of). Satiates you, but never bloats you up. A+++

(Yeah – a 1g of carb BACON EGG AND CHEESE SANDWICH! It’s possible!)

Thin Slim Foods Sweets – We’ve only tried a brownie and some other kind of bar (I forget). I think they’re great, and are guaranteed not to spike your blood sugar.

ImPASTAble pasta – First “low carb” pasta we’ve tried (besides black bean pasta). Again, nothing will ever taste like real heavy-carb pasta – but this was a damn good alternative. Remember, pasta is essentially a “sauce delivery mechanism,” so we highly recommend a robust, thick sauce with this product. Closest to the real-thing we’ve found yet.

Gluten-free low-carb hamburger buns – we “tested” their “beta version” GLUTEN-FREE buns. They were not “officially” certified as of yet, because they came out of their test kitchen. Practically no carbs, and zero gluten. Very thin and “flimsy,” but otherwise had a very acceptable taste. Only drawback was they were very “gummy” or doughy. No matter how much we toasted. We’ll give them time to perfect the formula.

Thin Slim Foods are the best bread alternatives yet

Let’s face it – the taste and texture of “real bread” cannot be replaced. Ever.

However, the detrimental health effects SHOULD BE replaced at all costs. And Thin Slim Foods is your answer. The “least of the worst” alternative we have ever tried.

Super-low carb – safe for diabetics
You can still have your “sandwich”
No gluten-free “tooth stickiness”
Nearly guilt-free burger and sandwich enjoyment.

Again, these are not for the tree-hugging beatniks who only eat organic crap. Nor are they for ANYONE with Celiac. However, they might give hope for those who are gluten-sensitive. Try at your own risk.

Eating Thin Slim Foods products did NOT negatively affect our weight whatsoever. Nor did we get food cravings or other detrimental results.

Recommended. See more at their website:



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