New Pier in Weehawken

Have you seen the new pier in Weehawken?

While Hoboken fumbles and bumbles and takes years to move an inch forward on any of their projects, neighboring communities advance swiftly. Like the new pier in Weehawken.

Pretty slick!

new pier in weehawken 2016 - New Pier in Weehawken

New $3.1M Recreation Pier Opens in Weehawken, NJ

The Township of Weehawken has a new waterfront attraction: the $3.1 million Weehawken Recreational Pier, designed by McLaren Engineering Group in collaboration with RSC Architects.

This pier project, which has been in the works for 15 years, stretches nearly 500 feet into the Hudson River, directly opposite the Empire State Building. The unique pier features a “pod” design with a series of platforms and interconnected walkways, providing a variety of destination points for visitors.

“McLaren developed the groundbreaking new ’pier pod’ design concept, and we believe it’s a bold, revolutionary new way to construct piers compared to traditional box-like configurations,” says Shea Thorvaldsen, P.E., Director, Infrastructure and Marine at McLaren Engineering Group. “Because there is no heavy structure, a pier designed this way is much cheaper to build and offers the ability to expand easily.”

“Visitors also benefit from numerous walkways and seating options, as well as stronger lighting – providing an enjoyable, safe way to view the Manhattan skyline,” adds Thorvaldsen.
The pier boasts five pods connected by 10-foot-wide walkways, each designed for a specific use. A kayak pod offers launch space for kayakers, and a raised hexagonal pod creates an ideal area for viewing the city and the surrounding waterfront. Additional pods are designed for fishing and educational visits. The pods range in size from 700 to 2,500 square feet.

“The Weehawken Recreation Pier is one of the first piers fully open to the public north of Hoboken. People love going out 400 feet in the river to take in stunning views of the George Washington and Verrazano bridges,” says Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner. “McLaren was great to work with and we were happy that the project came in with no additional costs and it’s designed to withstand the weather of the area.”

The new Weehawken Recreation Pier replaces a structure that had been destroyed in 1993 and is located northeast of the intersection of Washington Terrace and Harbor Boulevard. It borders a two-acre waterfront park.

McLaren Engineering Group, in collaboration with RSC Architects, provided marine structural design, surveying, environmental permitting and aesthetic design for the concrete waterfront pier. The new Weehawken Recreation Pier has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its stability and longevity.
McLaren is developing two other similar waterfront designs for Transmitter Park and Java Street in Brooklyn.

About McLaren Engineering Group
McLaren Engineering Group features eight engineering divisions, staffed with nearly 200 employees in 10 offices. Founded in 1977, McLaren has successfully completed over 12,000 projects, from inspection to design to construction management. With experts in numerous engineering disciplines – and a passion for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking – McLaren can address any project’s specific range of design requirements with technical excellence and innovation. Headquartered in West Nyack, NY, McLaren has offices in New York City, NY; Albany, NY; Lehigh Valley, PA; Middletown, CT; Baltimore, MD; Roswell, GA; Orlando, FL; San Luis Obispo, CA; and Oran, Algeria.

About RSC Architects
Founded in 1971, RSC Architects is a New Jersey-based, full-service architectural firm assisting clients throughout New Jersey with the design of new facilities as well as the renovation and repurposing of existing facilities. RSC specializes in a diverse range of project types and services, such as programming, planning, architectural and interior design, building conditions assessments, and construction administration. RSC provides these expert services in many market sectors including municipal, education, commercial, healthcare, parks/recreation, and library design.

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Monday, November 14, 2016 4:12 pm

Your Hudson County tax dollars at work!

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