Madam President? {decided long ago}

Below is a post we saw on True Pundit – that apparently showed that the hardly-read mainstream print publication Newsweek has already printed and shipped advance copies of the magazine with Hillary as the winner.

If true, how could they be so confident? Perhaps because they KNOW the whole charade known as the “election” is a complete fraud – and your real votes don’t count for shit?

Madam President Newsweek WTF - Madam President? {decided long ago}

BUSTED: Newsweek Pre-Prints Special Hillary “Madam President” Edition; No Mock Edition Printed for Trump Win?

If looking at this Newsweek cover doesn’t scare you into voting for Donald Trump, then nothing will.

Newsweak Newsweek — barely even a magazine — never gets much right, so no reason to panic, but even more reason to get out and vote.

Reportedly this is a real issue that has been printed and shipped to grocery stores and newsstands for release this week depicting Hillary Clinton as the election winner. We do not know if it is real or not.

If it is real, why hasn’t Newsweek prepared a parallel Trump cover? Because, as we all know, this election is rigged and the mainstream media, which may not even include Newsweak, picked sides long ago.

If this is fake, then it certainly did not psych out Trump supporters if that was the intent. In fact, it will likely have an opposite effect; prompting them to make sure they vote to defeat Clinton.

Spending money on expensive press runs that may turn out to be a complete waste of money does sound like Newsweek’s style. The magazine has a history of poor and shoddy management and disastrous financials. Perhaps that is why the magazine is aligned with Clinton as a candidate.

madam president newsweek newsweak - Madam President? {decided long ago}

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This is a non-story. Even if it IS true it does make business sense – getting an issue with the winner on the cover right away will sell magazines. Current aggregated polls are showing Clinton with a 66% chance of winning vs Trump at 34%. You might not believe those, but Newsweek probably does and might be using that type of data to take a gamble that this is a good business choice. If they are wrong, then they just destroy the magazines, but the chance of profiting if they are right could outweigh the risk.

It is NOT an indication of fraud. And that article could be totally fake, like a lot of what pro-Trump supporters are posting/sharing online.