Reader Mail: Private street parking


Hoboken411 reader “mcgato” wonders about this private parking sign uptown:

Reserved on-street parking?

“I run by here quite frequently and hadn’t noticed that there is reserved monthly parking on the south side of 15th Street just east of Hudson (see attached picture of sign). Maybe it is new or maybe I am just oblivious to my surroundings. So how do I get reserved on street parking near my place? Or how do I get a stretch of Hoboken streets to rent out on a monthly basis?”

hoboken private street parking - Reader Mail: Private street parking

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That sign was for that empty parking lot for the Hudson Tea Building, not the on street parking.


[quote comment=”91764″]you guys are failing to recognize that these “streets” are really privately owned driveways. they are not city streets in the true sense.[/quote] It is my recollection from my condo conversion documents that the streets in that area were deeded over (or granted by easement) to the city in conjunction with the sale of the Tea Buildings and empty lots to Toll. It was once private land, but the streets are now public thoroughfares. Further on this point, 15th Street did not exit to Park Street until about three years ago, when it was opened up to take the pressure off of 14th and Washington, which used to back up with traffic like the Lincoln Tunnel. There was once a security post on Washington St. going north from 14th into the Tea Building area, and it was all private access only. The sign is probably a hangover from that time. The empty parking lot behind that sign was indeed private parking, but is slated to become more buildings, eventually. While I am glad that the area has been opened to traffic, and acknowledge that it really helps take the pressure off of 14th Street, I do have a big regret … That area used to be so nice and clean when it was private land. Now that the public can drive and park there at will, there is endless shite in the gutters and on the sidewalks. Barflies love to drink beers to/from their cars and toss the empties… Read more »

strand tramp
strand tramp

you guys are failing to recognize that these “streets” are really privately owned driveways. they are not city streets in the true sense.


Outstanding question and news to me! Did you check to see if any of the cars have any special parking decals or permits? The same can be said about Willow Terrace between 7th and 6th.

If the street is open access and not private property with no signs stating private property then for this to actually take place there must have been a city council meeting or zoning board meeting on the issue. If there was any meetings, the minutes should be released and I’m certain there would have been substantial objection to such private parking on a public street. This needs to be explored!


I believe that sign is posted at the entrance to a (now empty) parking lot.
My interpretation is that the sign relates to parking in the lot, not parking at the curb.