MSM Propping Hillary Clinton

MSM Propping Hillary Clinton {truth sucks, doesn’t it?}

90% of the people out there who support HRC – cannot comprehend that it’s MSM propping Hillary Clinton via “repeated lies” and misinformation. See our post about who the Hillary Supporters Are for clues on this disturbing phenomenon beyond all human logic.

Sad how downright phony our society has become – for the benefit of the few. Sickening more than sad. Pathetic more than sickening. Dreadful to say the least.

Political cartoonist Branco sums it up brilliantly in this truthful image:

MSM propping Hillary Clinton - MSM Propping Hillary Clinton

Remember going forward to Avoid News and turn off your TV sets and start doing real world stuff.

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The massive mainstream media mobilization against Trump is as stunning as it is unprecedented.

Think about that. It’s getting to the point where We The People don’t determine our destiny. Instead it’s up to the oligarchs and other big money interests to decide what’s best.

I’m sure a lot of the I’m With Her crowd is just fine with this because they like the idea of a boot stamping on the face of their enemies forever.

Is there anyone from that camp who has stopped to consider that this might not bode well for the future of the Republic?


If a compliant media circles its wagons and does all the gate keeping it can on the “facts” and propaganda that the public can see, who needs a Ministry of Truth to protect the Inner Party?

We’re moving into scary times as the political class continues to gain power and control over the national discourse. They despise us and crave money and power. Who’s gonna prevail? Who do you think?

1984 was a warning when it was written. Since then it’s become a “how to” manual.


Saw this earlier today and sent it to the few liberal friends I have left. They’re wealthy brownstone owners in Hoboken. They shrugged it off, despite being big consumers of mainstream media.

Looks like my costs for holiday parties just went down.