Post Election Thoughts

Post Election Thoughts

After observing the chaos leading up to yesterday’s election, my thoughts as to what the results would be wavered a lot.

From feelings of doom, that the election was rigged, or that there are in fact millions of mentally-enslaved morons in our country.

To feelings of optimism. That maybe the (visibly higher) support for Trump was real – and in no way would the election be able to be rigged.

after the election - Post Election Thoughts

Miracles can happen in America!

I guess miracles happen and the truth always prevails. Let’s hope that he can survive – and hold true to his promises.

Many “hated” DJT – for whatever reason. But now is the time to give him a chance. To make America better than ever.

If you’re not on that boat – then please leave the country today.

Thank you very much.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016 12:47 pm

The elections weren’t rigged but the polls were, as you’ve gone on about for weeks. I think we should call it The Great Media Hoax of 2016.

Watching the media faces turn from haughty smugness to shock/surprise to funereal despair was fascinating and rather satisfying.

OT: anyone else getting the “Congratulations, you’re the lucky winner” page hijack from this site?

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