Shipyard Development {update}

Hoboken sucking property taxpayers dry with losing legal battles

Hoboken more money for lawyers - Shipyard Development {update}As some of you possibly heard – last Friday the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey ruled in favor of Monarch by affirming the DEP Commissioner’s decision to uphold the Waterfront Development Permit for the Monarch project.

The court found that both the city of Hoboken and the Hudson Tea Buildings Condominium Association had no right to a hearing on the permit – and also rejected their regulatory arguments.

This victory for Monarch absolutely calls into question the city’s ongoing use of property taxpayer money to fund drawn-out legal battles in which the law is clearly not on their side.

Why didn’t the city just agree to the proposed settlement last year, which would have simply ended the legal fight? “mayor” don Zimmer pledged to appeal the latest decision all the way up to the Supreme Court. They probably have a 1% chance that the case will even be heard! So that means the City will spend more property taxpayer dollars in legal fees – which has now amounted to over $1 million dollars already for this case! Not a responsible use of public funds, that is for sure.

The settlement was a no-brainer.

A simple internet search will lead you to the court’s decision.

See previous updates below…

Monarch / Shipyard / Pay to Play / Cui Bono / Whatever / Hoboken

November 3, 2016 update:

This whole Monarch debacle that has dragged on for forever – has reached an odd “end-point” if you will. The “mayor” don Zimmer administration (as apparently advised by their crack outsourced legal eagles) has been told to “accept” a settlement between the city and Shipyard regarding the whole waterfront development. “Give and Take” is the general gist.

But WHO benefits is what you should be asking.

See a petition by REAL Hoboken residents way below – and what “don” said right here below. Something ain’t right – and it STINKS of corruption. Not “oh, we shouldn’t litigate anymore…” It stinks of Zimmer getting some kind of cash payday off the grid. You can almost smell the cash in the air. You can see how the “mayor” is throwing “threats” of added litigation “costs” out there to make the general public say, “Hey, I’d rather save a dime off this bag of shredded cheese than pay full price.”

No that is not what I just said. That was just what a coupon-cutter would say. I don’t say those things for a dime of savings. But there is something bigger going on here, and don Zimmer should be eliciting Realtors FAR AWAY to help her. She’s neck-deep in corruption (thanks to WikiHobokenLeaks for the tips). Her days are numbered…

So, the City posted Dawn’s repose yesterday, and I’m sure most of the petition signers have not seen her letter because it’s on the City’s website. Dawn goes on to tell them how much she’s done for their neighborhood including a huge “resiliency park.” Do you know what those “resiliency” parks really mean? DELAYING THE INEVITABLE by like an hour or two! Do not let them re-define Mother Nature. Parks and puddles and ponds do NOT stop real flooding. Get that through your thick fucking skulls NOW! Another Hurricane Sandy hits Hoboken? The EXACT same thing happens – “resiliancy” or not.

Wasn’t she elected to represent THE PEOPLE and not the developers? Hmm. Wonder how much was in that envelope, don!

Hoboken waterfront okay and - Shipyard Development {update}

“My Administration is the first to build a flood pump to alleviate flooding in western Hoboken, create three new major parks west of Jefferson Street, and plan our first municipal parking garage in western Hoboken. We have focused tens of millions of dollars in investment and almost all of our major projects towards improving western Hoboken. We have begun construction on a one-acre Southwest Park and we are investing $30 million to buy 6 acres of land so we can build the largest park possible in our City along with western Hoboken’s first municipal parking garage. We also prioritized a new gym and 2-acre park at 7th and Jackson that will soon be under construction which will include 250,000 gallons of storm water storage to help alleviate localized flooding. The new BASF resiliency park is proposed to be built with a 1 million gallon detention system to help reduce the impact of flooding. The $11.2 million H-5 flood pump was just completed that is entirely for alleviating the flooding in western Hoboken when we experience heavy rain.”

Of course none of her “so-called accomplishments” have actually been built! Ha Ha! None of it has been guaranteed. These are still promises she’s touting as current amenities.

Then she goes on to explain why the waterfront is more important than their neighborhoods. Really? Why? Because “waterfronts” are more wealth-inducing that neighborhoods “infested” with “pesky” citizens who have the right to say “fuck you “mayor” don Zimmer??”

And then she ends it with her “big FU” and she will do what she (or her developer friends) want:

“If the settlement is not approved, then the City will proceed with the litigation in court in December. However, given the significant risks we face, I believe the agreement is in the best interests of the City and therefore I am asking the City Council and our community to consider it.”

See the bullshit-laden (and carefully reviewed by property taxpayer money funded legal team) statement here:

The original (citizen) petition is below:

HARMED – Hobokenites Against Radical & Massive Egregious Development

Dear Mayor Zimmer, Council members and fellow Hoboken residents,

My family, neighbors and fellow Hoboken residents are quite concerned and exasperated to learn about the massive 800 Monroe development announced by the City of Hoboken on Saturday. As Hoboken residents and taxpayers, we are extremely disturbed and question the concessions being stewarded by Mayor Zimmer behind closed doors to the Barry family, re: Ironstate Development/Applied.

These are the same people who reneged on a deal to build tennis courts and parking in northeast Hoboken after making untold tens of millions in profits on the Shipyard development. The City of Hoboken in essence is rewarding the Barry family for their illicit litigation efforts to put up towers there, the proposed Monarch Project by trading concessions that will harm our entire neighborhood and by extension all of Hoboken.

We urgently need your voice and your support! We need to make sure this proposed development isn’t approved where it will overwhelm and destroy our neighborhood doing harm to our entire city. Our west side Hoboken neighborhood is already beset with approvals for massive new buildings coming online. The City of Hoboken only last summer capitulated to an as proposed massive developer project on Monroe which will dramatically negatively impact traffic, property values, the skyline and quality of life for an entire neighborhood and all Hoboken residents. This is especially true for the individuals who invested in this “up and coming” area years ago.

To that end, our neighborhood and our homes should not be used as a pawned bargaining chip in the Monarch litigation. It is outrageous that our area with many thousands of Hoboken residents will be surrendered to appease others in the corner of town, especially via “closed legal sessions” of the City Council without community awareness, input or any feedback whatsoever until it’s been cynically presented as a done deal.

This bad deal for Hoboken does not satisfy the basic standard of transparency the mayor claimed a hallmark of her reason for running for the office in 2009. West Hoboken has already seen and will further be severaly impacted by extreme variances and mammoth development: the Vine and the Monroe Center’s massive redevelopment: the largest ever approved in Hoboken history. The 800 lot will dwarf the inner blocks of the heart of West Hoboken and put many of us in the shadows, both figuratively and quite literally while adding to insurmountable density issues in traffic and quality of life for this area and all of Hoboken.

The following is but a few examples of the massive developments coming online in our neighborhood creating a clear and present danger to all of Hoboken:

Approved and added huge density to a SINGLE BLOCK of Hoboken with the completed 11 story Vine building at 900 Monroe plus the massive buildings in development behind the Monroe center.
An additional mammoth building for Applied will surround and dwarf other buildings in West Hoboken, obscuring our sky and blocking out sunlight.
Additional massive density putting further stress on traffic in the heart of Hoboken. Driving in and out of Hoboken is already brutal during peak hours.

Join us in this fight to preseve the character of our neighborhood and Hoboken. We need Mayor Zimmer and the City Council to be respectful to our neighborhood and all Hoboken residents. I appreciate your immediate attention and support in this battle.

Please add your voice to this critical fight for Hoboken and sign the petition.

Sincerely, People that cannot stand government a-holes!

Zimmer says yeah to hoboken development - Shipyard Development {update}

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Friday, November 4, 2016 3:49 am

She has to be on the take. Something does not seem right here. Hoboken may very well sink into the river.

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