Reader Mail: More HPD nonsense!


Somehow, some way, the Hoboken Police Department always comes back to make news.

Unit of cops who sued city is disbanded

“Good Morning Hoboken411,

There was a story in today’s paper that I thought this was particularly interesting for several reasons. The five Spanish cops that are suing the city who were on the SWAT team and most recently in the Auto Theft Task Force are pissed because the ATTF unit was disbanded and now they claim it is because of retaliation. You canʼt make this crap up!”

hoboken latino cops back on the beat after attf is disbanded - Reader Mail: More HPD nonsense!

The police unit of five Latino officers who sued the city and their supervisor worked was officially disbanded last week and four of the five officers who filed the lawsuit are back to walking a beat.

Their attorney is crying foul.

Acting Police Chief Robert Lisa confirmed last week he shut down the Auto Theft Task Force since vehicle theft in the city has tailed off. Lisa said he’s removing some officers with good people skills from foot patrol to beef up his new “Community Services Bureau” and replacing them with the former auto task force members.

Luis Zayas, attorney for the Latino officers who have a lawsuit pending in the U.S. District Court said transferring his clients out of the “elite” ATTF unit and into uniformed patrol, “speaks volumes about Hoboken’s intent to retaliate” against his clients.

“They could have chosen to move (my clients) to another department but instead transferred them to uniformed patrol,” Zayas said. “It is a less prestigious assignment and I do not think it is a coincidence.”

Lisa insists the pending lawsuit played no role in his decision-making. In a lawsuit filed in October, the Latino cops allege their former leader, Lt. Angelo Andriani – who was more famous for leading the SWAT team – was an “unabashed white supremacist” who created a discriminatory and hostile work environment for members of both teams.

“The real reason the unit was disbanded was because the unit was ineffective and did little or no police work. In fact auto theft and auto break-ins doubled or tripled since these guys were in the unit. This only shows that either these cops are so incompetent they cannot address crime problems in the city, or are so vindictive that they just show up for work and collect a check while habitually complaining about their assignments claiming retaliation.

Either way they had a no show gig in the SWAT Team for almost years and got paid to do absolutely nothing and still feel entitled to do nothing. By their attorneys own words, they do not feel they should be doing any police work or patrol. If that is the case, let them RESIGN! This rings true considering I saw Officer Olavarria yesterday ineffectively deal with a nut on Washington Street and let the guy go who only returned seconds later and was still completely violent and out of control!”

Does this sound like “retaliation” or just “smart departmental management” to you?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008 6:54 pm

I know of a ESU cop from a different dept and he was at a gov. training class with other depts, including HPD,at fort dix. He said they were a total “cluster fuck” and only hoped they are never called upon to perform any type of rescue. The training staff told the boob in charge to get these guys to train more, a lot more.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 9:42 am

As I stated before many times on this site, the majority of the good cops in town feel the same about the BS as everyone else but with LaBruno in power many could not speak out or were afraid to stand up and say something. Things seem to be changing with a turtle-like movement but they are moving. Some HPD guys should not even be cops for numerous reasons that I know of personally or should have been fired for much of the crap they pulled once on the job. In fact some should be serving jail time including one ATTF guys that used to deal in the PJ’s for a big dealer that was killed in a police chase in North Bergen about 10 years ago. As for the mismanagement, that is a whole other issue! Initially I had thought these guys had a solid case for the most part, and there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that LaBruno and Andriani were and always will be scumbags who robbed the city and are as dirty a cop as they come. However, if you read the SWAT report in full detail, these officers that are suing did the exact same shit as Andriani except for the KKK mask and really have no case. I cannot make this any clearer; these guys had a no-show job for years…for years! They got paid tax payer money and promoted in some cases because they washed a bus, hung out drinking beer… Read more »

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 9:31 am

Nacholibre makes an excellent point.

Good cops should work as cops, not desk jockeys.

But they should be paid well, commensurate with their experience and performance. When the good cops get desk jobs along with big raises, that skews the whole incentive structure.

I’m all for ensuring that police officers have a viable career path. I just don’t want that path to lead away from doing the most important parts of their job.

BTW – We should put a Hooters near the projects. Foot patrol will increase and the area will be much safer.

Monday, July 7, 2008 8:30 pm

What difference does it make? Nothing happened to the unruly swat personnel from their trip, in fact they hired a civilian ( at the time) who partook in this trip and made him a cop!! What a waste, the state needs to step in on this level too and have NJSP show them how’s it done. None of this cry baby bologna, you wanted this job, get off your asses and WALK, PATROL and PROTECT this city.

Monday, July 7, 2008 7:50 pm

I forget the exact statistic, but surprisingly (or not), most police departments have only around 50% of their officers assigned to patrol. The rest are in administrative and specialty positions. A lot of the MD/DC departments where I am from converted a lot of the “inside” jobs like crime scene techs, evidence clerks, front desk personnel, booking, etc., to civilian positions that cost a lot less than a having veteran officer do the same job. Not sure if that philosophy is common in NJ departments, but it frees up more cops to work the street.

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