Dear Parents

Dear Parents {Traditional ones, at least…}

Dear Parents. And I’m referring to the normal, heterosexual mates who fall in love, choose to stay with each other and start a family. You know, one, two, three or more “offspring” with hopes to keep the family lines intact.

Here’s a thought exercise for you. You can also call it a thought “meal,” or Food for Thought.

No expecting parents ever said: “I want transgender children!”

Seriously. When you and your (heterosexual) partner ultimately decide to spawn, you know, have children – do any of these thoughts ever enter your mind?

“Gee, honey – I cannot wait to have a little boy or girl who isn’t really a boy or girl. I’m really looking forward to a child that is confused, and doesn’t understand the biological fact and meaning of their gender!”


“We really hope that our (boy or girl) chooses to be attracted only to members of the same sex! This way they can adopt a child when they’re ready – who shares NONE of our DNA! Wouldn’t it be great to completely mix up our bloodlines?”

I think you get my point.

And before you get your panties in a bunch – I’m not referring to what may happen down the line. Like how some parents eventually “accept” or even “embrace” whatever mental decisions their child believes they’re making on their own accord. No. I’m talking at or around the time of conception, pregnancy, or childbirth.

I think it’s safe to say that every (heterosexual) parent WANTS their children to live normal biological lives (as nature intended). None of you here today are in existence if not for that one simple FACT.

dear parents

Parents today are either disappointed, confused or both

So, if we are to believe that all parents wish that their children follow in nature’s footsteps and live normal, healthy lives – it must be shocking to “discover” at some point down the line that your child isn’t.

After expecting that they are normal like Mom and Dad – what other feelings can they have?

Oh, wait a minute. This is all assuming the rest of the world is also normal. But that is not the case. All these gender-confusing messages and chants of “tolerance” have been parroted around for decades. At an alarmingly higher rate over the past five years, and almost incessantly via social media. That may play a role in why many parents were hypnotized into joining the acceptance crowd – some even championing the cause full force.

What happened to their wants and beliefs when the baby was in the “incubator?” Where did those go? Why the change of heart?

Like I said – I’d be highly surprised, even SHOCKED, if (say a million) parents – while the baby was still in the womb – actually WISHED that their soon-to-be-born child was born anything other than a boy or a girl.

How can you refute these facts?

So with that being said – how is this whole “movement of abnormality” even being accepted without serious discussion? You cannot even question the herd without being attacked.

Why so much money and effort being put into place for such a fringe, outlying oddity?

Doesn’t that make you stop what you’re doing and think a little more than 140 characters at a time?

I’ll repeat this one more time:

How many upcoming parents of children WANT their kids to be anything other than heterosexual and spawning individuals?

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