Be careful what you wish for {mob mentality – Fascists}

Seriously, Fascists – be careful what you wish for these days

The following is an editorial written earlier this year from Robert Beierle – who runs Our Town Jersey – a local “mini-paper” out in central NJ. We picked this up in the waiting room at a local medical office recently. They had no idea where it came from and let us take it home.

While this was penned for publication in April 2016 – the truth that resonates from this piece is more important now that when it was first published.

The HATE that comes from “groups,” regardless of how (statistically) fringe they are is astonishing.

The “tolerance” they clamor for – is met with equal if not WORSE intolerance against those who do NOT agree with them. To the point of violence and other threats.

This is NOT what America is all about. You got it entirely backward!

If you cannot see the sad, pathetic hypocrisy in this (soon to be a memory) MOB MENTALITY – well, then I feel sorry for you all.

Just be careful – because “useful idiots” are kept around just long enough until they’re no longer needed. History has some stories you ought to brush up on before you get ahead of yourselves.

Below is the BRILLIANT editorial. I dare you to read it.



By Robert Beierle

“I did not write this to support Donald Trump or any other politician. I wrote this in defense of FREE SPEECH.

Our country has truly become the stomping ground for some very unintelligent people. I’d call them “dumbasses,” but I don’t want to use that kind of language.

fascists 1Honestly, when you’re listening to politicians, the news media, college professors, and the Hollywood left – you have to to feel we are being overrun by some pretty uneducated, ignorant people who are under the false illusion that they are all knowing and wise.

And when I say “uneducated,” I’m not talking about whether they have a twelfth-grade education or a doctorate – but I’m saying this because of the THINGS they SAY, because of the THINGS they DO, and because of WHAT they BELIEVE. On that alone, by their OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS, is how I judge them.

This is why today’s election is so critical to whether or not we survive as free people.

Let me explain….

Political Correctness is DOOM. Read that again.

There is a fairly new phenomenon in our nation that has been spurred on by “political correctness.”

It’s probably only been around for the last fifteen to twenty years, and it has grown in intensity as this country tries to move further to the “left.”

Now most people believe that the “right to protest” is part of our culture and part of what makes our country great. But what is happening today with the current “protestors / anarchists” has NOTHING to do with our country’s legacy of our right to protest.

And tell me if this sounds vaguely familiar:

“We as Americans have the right to protest and you can’t stop us – otherwise, you’re a fascist! Because our nation has a history rich with people protesting all the way back to the Revolutionary War. So we individuals who are protesting against Donald Trump and shutting down his racist rallies should be accepted and praised by everyone – because we alone are standing against HATE SPEECH and against FASCISM and against BIGOTRY. Trump’s rallies are anti-American and must be shut down!”

drink-up-useful-idiots-obama… What I just suggested above is taken a montage of quotes from ACTUAL Donald Trump protestors as their reason and justification behind their vandalism, their trespassing on private property, their destruction of private property, their intimidation of other Americans who do NOT share their point of view, their shutting down of highways and interstates, denying emergency vehicles and people access to their destinations, terrifying women and children, falsely accusing innocent Americans of being racists, bigots, and fascists, denying these people their Constitutional right to free speech and their Constitutional right to hear free speech.

And of course, these foolish protestors believe that they are “justified” in doing these horrific acts. Again, America does have a history of protesting. No one is denying that.

YOU are the fascist, bigoted, and racist ones, little people!

However, to all of you so-called anarchists and fascists who believe it is your right to DENY the free speech of others – let me be the bearer of bad news:

In actuality in the real world, YOU are the bigots, YOU are the racists, YOU are the little fascists.

And the fact that you don’t understand it or see it is completely and utterly a testimonial to the lack of a good education in a country that is supposed to be “home of the brave and land of the free.”

And if you would get off your high horse and ACTUALLY LISTEN to what you are saying and see what you are doing, you would understand this and see this.

I will explain why you are fascists and why you are bigots.

You got it all backward, dopes! Look the other way for the truth!

free-speech-churchillYou see, in the past when people protested in this country, they NEVER protested against FREE SPEECH. Because “free speech” means just that.

We’re guaranteed just that… FREE SPEECH.

What people protested against would be a POLICY, a LAW, a REGULATION, a BUSINESS PRACTICE, a WAR.

Look throughout our history. Look at our Constitution. What is it in our Constitution, in our Bill of Rights, that enables you to the right to protest?

“Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Petition – Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Yes, it is freedom of speech, the First Amendment that gives you the right to protest grievances against the government – not the free speech of another American Citizen.

Can you comprehend that? Does it register in your brains?

You are saying… and I heard this from countless protestors – that you have the “right” to determine WHAT speech in this country is allowed to be uttered.

You are saying… above all the rest of us, that you have the WISDOM and the KNOWLEDGE to determine WHAT speech Americans should be allowed to listen to.

And if you alone deem that what one LEGAL patriotic citizen is saying in this country is in any way “hurtful” to you, makes you feel “sad,” causes you “pain,” or “offends” you – then YOU – along with the rest of your IGNORANT little cohorts, deem that person, those individuals, should be PUNISHED or should be denied their Constitutional right to speak – and those other patriots sho want to listen to him should be INTIMIDATED, screamed at, their vehicles ransacked, they should be SPAT upon, flags and signs ripped out of their hands, women and children intimidated to the point where they FEAR for their lives – all because you truly believe you have the right to “determine” what can be said and what can be listened to in this country.

You are totally disregarding the very FIRST Amendment that gives YOU the right to protest.

And you placing YOUR opinions above the first and most precious Amendment of our free society.

Do you know what that makes you?

Do you comprehend what I’m saying? Do you realize that this makes YOU the FASCIST – the BIGOT – the RACIST?

Everything you say you’re “protesting against” you are doing to ANOTHER FELLOW AMERICAN.

The stupidity of the useful idiots is dumbfounding

I am dumbfounded by the stupidity and the ignorance of you fascist, pompous, spoiled children.

Protest policy or law – DON’T PROTEST WORDS!

I’ve listened to Donald Trump as millions of other people and whether we’re for him or against him, people who are not ignorant, people who have an understanding of our Bill of Rights, will stand behind him and support his right for free speech.

slap-yourself-for-hillaryAnd one of the sad parts, you who are walking in lock step, singing praises to your furor, is that these riots and protests that you are participating in are being supported by the rich fat cats of the liberal Democratic Party – organizations that have a Socialistic agenda who are paying for your professionally manufactured signs and your transportation.

And yes, as “reported,” some protestors have admitted to getting paid sixteen dollars per hour. Maybe it was fifteen, but the point is they were getting paid to show up at these anti-free speech riots. And yet, you fascist, racist, bigots, you anti-Americans, you anti-free speech, you anti-Bill of Rights, you little insignificant inbreds of a corrupt educational system, why you’re DARLINGS of LIBERAL MEDIA, you’re the darlings of the Democratic party, Soros,, and Black Lives Matter.

Your souls have been bought and paid for.

You are traveling down the same road that has given us Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and yet you DO NOT realize the danger you are placing upon our freedoms.

Free speech means free speech.

You do not have the right nor the authority, nor the legality to determine what Americans say, or what Americans can listen to.

No one, even though you believe someone did, anointed you the king or queen of what is allowed to be said and talked about in this nation (free for the moment).

Tolerance for temper tantrums is finite – TAKE NOTICE!

Now maybe I could have said all of this a bit nicer. Maybe I could have been polite and “politically correct.”

Perhaps you find my words “HATEFUL” and will feel it’s your obligation to disrupt my long-standing publication. Go ahead. We’ve been dealing with your kind since the first “Our Town” was printed and distributed.

So please excuse me if my language seems “harsh” to you. But I’m not the one trying to destroy this country.

I am a patriot. I am a Constitutionalist. I am a freedom-lover and if need be, a freedom fighter.

And I do NOT stand alone.

If you individuals continue in your misguided fascist, bigoted, racist conduct in denying your fellow Americans their Constitutional rights, then be on notice – because the MAJORITY of American people will only tolerate so much of your “temper tantrums.”

And if you want to feel the full wrath of Americans – then keep trying to shut down free speech and we’ll see what happens.

We are not the ones trying to thwart the First Amendment, be we will be the ones who will defend it.


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