Hoboken Board of Education 2016

Hoboken Board of Education 2016 {election}

Below are two letters regarding the upcoming Hoboken Board of Education election (three seats) on November 8, 2016.

One from candidate Jennifer Rossini… and a Parents United supporter Mindy.

It is apparent that even though education costs usually represent about a third of a city’s budget – it’s even more divisive and vicious than the rest.

Hoboken Board of Education Election 2016 - Hoboken Board of Education 2016

Let’s Be Better – Parents United

By Jennifer Rossini – candidate Hoboken Board of Eduction

I moved to Hoboken because of the great community, affordable rent, and proximity to the city where I had just gotten a job. I’ve lived in Hoboken for the past 13 years because it is a diverse town that is inclusive and accepting of all people. My husband and I decided to raise our son here because we believe it gives him the best of everything – a city environment that has a slightly suburban feel to it with a community that cares about its people. My first experience that has been less than wonderful is directly related to my run for the Board of Education.

The unfortunate and deeply rooted political division causes many to forego actually getting to know the people running or the issues, but rather empowers some to engage in dehumanizing personal attacks and character assassination by association. This goes against everything that I love about Hoboken.

I have personally been disparaged and named called by people that haven’t even spoken to me just because they support my ticket’s opposition. Many won’t take the time to learn that I regularly volunteer in the community (and was a CASA board member), that I volunteer in the school when I can, that I will always be there for someone when they need me, and that I fight for what’s right for my son and children just like him. I am valued and dedicated community member, but none of that matters to people who are hung up on the politics of division and see me only as an enemy.

At the recent school board debate I was uplifted when Irene Sobolov seconded my call for cordial and calm civility during the QLC forum last week. No matter if one supports the positive change our students and community need, we are all residents of Hoboken and all care for our children and the children of our city. We, as leaders in the community, should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. We need to set a good example for our children and show that even when people disagree they can still work together.

I am proud to be part of Parents United, Chipper and Jessica, are the best partners for a board that puts student spending center, focuses on STEM, collaborates with local stakeholders, and is responsible with hard earned tax dollars. That does not mean that I will automatically oppose an idea put before the board by someone else. I will always keep on open mind and evaluate proposals by their merit, regardless of the political affiliation of its originator. The school board election is serious, but Chipper, Jessica, and I are not politics as usual.

I’m friends with one of the members of our opposition and I plan on remaining friends with her when Parents United is elected. But either ticket aside, every candidate knows that the education of our city’s children matters and every candidate cares or they would not be spending the precious resource that is their time and money in the campaign.

Let’s be better.

Let’s teach our children that competition doesn’t have to be nasty.

Reverse Hoboken’s poor reputation

By Mindy – Hoboken parent

My husband and I have lived in Hoboken for a few years. We were drawn to Hoboken because of its close proximity and easy access to New York City. We have found Hoboken to be a perfect medley of small town charm and metropolitan convenience. It is for those reasons and many others that we chose Hoboken to start our family. We welcomed our first child on March 23, 2016.

The streets of Hoboken are saturated with budding new families creating the appearance of a city catering to child rearing. However it is the unfortunate reality that when our children trade in their bottles for books many parents will consider relocating out of Hoboken due to the poor reputation of the school system. As a new parent with a love for Hoboken’s beautiful waterfront and youthful energy I wish to see the school system improve before my children are ready to enroll.

To help cultivate this culture of change within the education system I am doing my part as a Hoboken parent by voting on November 8th to elect members into the Board of Education whose vision aligns with my own. After researching the current candidates the choice is clear. The Parents United slate comprised of Jessica Nelson, Francis “Chipper” Benway, and Jennifer Rossini have a vision for education that will not only keep our families here, but also with time have new families seeking out Hoboken as the place to raise and educate their children.

Parents United plans to improve student test scores by focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These skills will help provide Hoboken children with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life. I look forward to watching Parents United shape the face of Hoboken Education over the next three years.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 8:08 pm

“Parents United plans to improve student test scores by focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

PU plans to improve test scores by focusing on a more difficult curriculum? If scores are low, doesn’t that mean a lot of kids can’t handle the basics?

Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:13 pm

The best local representation of the facts is from the Hope Board member who clearly outlines the financial problems associated w the school board.

Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:10 pm

Oh dear now the euphemisms – “culture of change”. Translated, your change is for the good of the few. Your change functions to erase any of the contributions of the history of this town because we know everything not, euphemism again, ahem… “Forward” , is Old Guard. Old Guard Bad. New Forward Good. Call it what it is – your actions, supposedly forward and change motivated, represent nothing but a contribution to the accumulation of dispossession in this town.

Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:00 pm

Mindy, if you do some discovery on educational research the elevation of scores comes with combining all students into one school system. Do some digging Hoboken is actually used as a prime case. Stem is not going to help when the basic foundation of the public school’s structure creates segregation and the politics of this administration adds a double wallop with its divisiveness. I have never seen such ugly, vicious and spiteful people as this new group in Hoboken the past 7-10 years. The proof is in the results produced or rather not produced.

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