Yoga Pants {complacency}

Yoga Pants controversy

Some stupid “letter to the editor” recently got a few ladies angry and they organized a protest against someone’s opinion.

The letter was poorly done, and didn’t explain exactly WHY he had those opinions – but just that yoga pants on older ladies were “yucky.”

Yoga Pants – a slippery slope for women

yoga pants its okay to stare - Yoga Pants {complacency}Without a doubt – Yoga pants can look great on ladies who are in shape. Leaves little to the imagination, that’s for sure.

And they even make not so slim ladies “appear” “thinner” (in their own mind), and they get used to it. Eventually, when compared to wearing real pants or jeans – the average frumpy woman probably feels thicker than the Great Wall of China. So yoga pants become their “Linus blanket of pants” for these ladies.

However, even though they’re convinced they look better – that is not what the rest of the world is thinking. Sad, but true. When some ladies look in the mirror and say “gee, I look okay in these pants!” or “wow, my butt doesn’t look half bad!” never had the opportunity to be behind them when they’re walking. You often see ripples of cellulite and other unpleasant sights. They seem to forget that. Amazing how your mind can play tricks on you like that.

Instead of taking the easy way out – the ladies should probably strive to slim down and tighten up like the real all-star ladies of yoga pants – and to look great in jeans as their ultimate goal.

But why the outrage over Yoga pants anyway?

fat girl has yoga pants on - Yoga Pants {complacency}See how easily triggered those ladies were?

Back in the day, normal people would have shrugged it off. That’s how people used to handle dissenting opinions.

Today? They get up in arms, organize social media (and real) protests to feed their own egos. Amazing people have that much time on their hands.

But they might be missing the point. Rather than getting upset and outraged over someone’s opinion. Maybe they should look in the mirror and be honest with themselves? Strive to be better people? Send some thanks for being frank about it rather than being “politically correct?”

yoga pants controversy - Yoga Pants {complacency}

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