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(more on) Charities {is there a better way?}

When I say about charities, “is there a better way?,” I truly mean – “Can we do this on our own, thank you very much!?”

Almost every single thing you encounter these days has some sort of dotted-line to a freaking “charity.”

– Chips you purchase claim to donate to something to someone (“5% of our sales go to…)

– People doing “Kickstarter “programs to “raise money for whatever…”

– “RUNS” for charity. (Earth to donors – YOU CAN RUN WHENEVER YOU WANT FOR FREE!)

There are also INDIVIDUAL efforts tens of thousands of people are making to “earn money” for charity.

And on the surface, that sounds quite NOBLE. “Hey guys! I’m going to climb some mountain to earn money for a charity! Not me or anyone else – JUST that charity!!!!!”

And you must know by now that most charities are frauds to some degree. They almost always prey on emotions and pray that people “re-tweet” things all day long.

All for what??

Sitting on my 30,000-foot perch – seems like a scam 99.5% of the time. And almost no one questions the underlying concept whatsoever.

Is this “what people do,” these days to enhance their sense of worth? Or to be able to sell anything anymore these days?

too many charities - (more on) Charities

There are better ways

We’ve mentioned this before. Family, friends and neighbors should be the extent your charity reaches.

It’s not hard to see that back in the day – families (along with extended families) often lived very close together. Generations. In a community. Those were strong communities. Today, people are spread out, want to see the world, be all ambitious for themselves, etc. The family is more a heavy burden to people nowadays.

And those close-knit communities are mostly a thing of the past too. So these days when a member of the community needs help – you often have to reach far outside to get any at all.

If people stopped donating to those “official” charities – and instead kept the money (or time) in their direct circle of family and contacts – we’d all be better off.

Most of those charities spend a small fraction of the money that comes into actually “fight” whatever they’re set up for. Most is used for marketing, salaries, and other overhead. What a waste. For who’s benefit?

Something to think about as you go about your day today.

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