Digital Hypocrisy

Digital Hypocrisy – Hard to deny

This is a post about the subject of digital hypocrisy in 2016.

Kind of a “turning point” to some degree, and a moment of reflection on another.

digital life - Digital HypocrisyAs any of our regular readers might observe – we’ve taken a fairly clear stance on the advent of certain technologies in our world. Against the grain is the polite way of saying it.

Mainly the “constant contact,” influence, and reliance on the internet. And primarily the “smartphone,” which is essentially a powerful pocket computer / communicator. But the parent topic always leads to the “interwebs” called the internet itself. Siblings include almost all “apps,” as well as their cousins the “social media cesspools.”

We watch as our society (in our opinion) DEVOLVES as the “next best thing” is always just around the corner which everyone will blindly just “do,” (Pokemon Go is a prime example of that).

And anyone with just one working eyeball can see that nine out of 10 people walking around any city (especially Hoboken) is on their phone doing something. Anything BUT just walking and looking at their physical surroundings.

Being a digital critic (and user) has hypocritical downsides

“Using” the internet in any capacity – has known downfalls – especially for a critic. Because we’re users of the same thing we’re criticizing (to a capacity), can be viewed as “hypocritical.”

I could be pompous – and say that “I know” how to use these tools better than others. And that may very well be true. After all, you still need a clear mind to differentiate between bullshit, propaganda and other nonsensical information that is “out there” for consumption. Or revenue (“click-bait”) and other totally useless ways.

So that is what we struggle with.

How can you offer fair and balanced (and insightful) commentary when you’re in the same flotation tank as the rest of the people?

twitter what are you doing - Digital Hypocrisy

There is a fine line between everything

In our opinion – the internet and all the so-called “wonderful” things that have come to fruition – is indeed fantastic.

However, because of the laser-like speed in which “innovation” happens, it requires self-control, careful analysis, and some hard-core contemplation before it should be “accepted” carte blanche.

This is where I feel myself and the “majority” differ.

Insatiable customers – love, new, yeah, trendy, everyone

Why do many new technologies “take off” so fast?

We feel it’s because of the customers themselves. Not sure I want to call it real “demand” or “manufactured demand” or “perceived need.”

So many people are willing to get the next best thing – without ever thinking about the necessity of it all. Just cogs in a much bigger machine (or “matrix.”)

Look at our previous article about the liberal cities. A lot of this ties in together. The human needs to fill time with something. It’s just that the options today are more digital and less physical.

Satisfaction comes from more external sources than ever before.

It may be working now, over a relatively short time-span, but I can only imagine if it ever rears it’s ugly head down the line. Or will people become even more distanced for reality than now. Is that even possible? (I guess so with all that “VR” crap now coming out…)

Call, Raise or Fold?

Most people move relatively slowly with the adoption of new things. They have a smartphone, some apps, the internet. Midline. They usually wait until a so-called technology goes major mainstream (or most of their friends have it) before they get on board.

Then there are others that go all-in when it comes to tech. They want to control everything digitally. Their schedules, photos, and the “Internet of Things” such as thermostats, security cameras, and refrigerators. Look how that turned out with the recent widespread internet outage.

And there are quite a few people that are “rewinding” in terms of all this technology. With the exception of basic things (like an internet connection, email), some are sick of it – and see the writing on the wall.

Which camp do you fall in – and how do you see all of this panning out down the line?

digital hypocrisy - Digital Hypocrisy

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