Hudson County Headlines {“Headlines”}

Hudson County Headlines {bottom of the barrel “Headlines”}

local news crap hudson county headlines - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}You know how we feel about any (once reputable, but no longer worthy of respect) “media” publication. From the top of the Scum Mountain “mainstream” media – down to any “official” paper of record for any local municipality. They all suck beyond belief. More about revenue than useful information.

Other than the rare, but interesting “expose” that tells an interesting story but still comes up way short – today’s “media” is crap. Spineless people who refuse to tell the REAL truth about what is going on.

But 99% of their general daily headlines are as stupid as they can get. Below are a few examples of what you’ll see in a given week. It’ll be the same for every week after – just change the names and locations.

news drama - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

Stupid-ass Hudson County Headlines {circling the drain}

    ? man hit by car o - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}
  • (person) struck by (vehicle) – Yes this happens all the time. Back in the day, it was usually a drunk person veering off the road. Today? Most often it’s either “entitled” pedestrians who think the world revolves around them (you will stop for ME!), or oblivious self-centered morons on their phones. The truth!

    Sometimes it’s even kids who weren’t parented properly. And you also still have moronic drivers as well – although they don’t make up the majority of the cases like they used to.

    But these events get “reported,” because they pave the way for EVEN MORE “government” enforcement and justification for fatter budgets. Getting those stories “out there,” makes the bureaucrats jobs easier to sell. They take those remote and sad stories as “ad pitches” to suck more cash from property taxpayers. (Also see “at your own risk” for an easy solution…)

  • someone shot in nj - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

  • (someone) was shot – Especially in Jersey City, which is now one of the most populated cities in NJ, some thug is shooting someone else almost every day. Usually, they are also thugs that get shot – but sometimes an “innocent” is harmed in the process. But for 99.9% of the area population – it makes no real difference.

    Unless it starts happening in your neighborhood where you own property. Then it might be time to consider cashing out while you still can.

  • remote news - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

  • (former area resident) (killed, hurt) via some method (somewhere else) – Jeez, you cannot get closer to the bottom of the barrel “news” than this. Somehow – “reporters” find even the most remote link to the area – and report on it (usually grim news). Like some former Hudson County resident who was killed in a crash in another state.

    What next? “Man who once read the word “Hoboken” in a magazine stepped on a lizard crossing the street in Florida?” Such worthless information – regardless of how sad it is.

  • high school sports news crickets - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

  • (High School Sports – please make it stop) – We’ve already shared our feelings about professional sports, but it seems that high school sports also fortifies the need to keep up on scores and other bullshit. Some local fish-wraps cover these meaningless games worse than ESPN! Other than parents of these kids playing these games – WHO IN THE FUCK is reading those stories? WHO?
  • court gossip - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

  • (Court case “play by plays”) – The local court systems around here are duller than a Walmart butter knife.

    Yet some local court reporters chime in multiple times a day regarding some of the more “popular” cases. They create this false sense of “needing” to know that information right away!

    Like a daytime soap opera. Or even worse – “The People’s Court.” Who exactly cares about what happens to (insert criminal name here) other than the alleged victims?

    Gossipy fucks we live amongst.

  • hudson county headlines bitch fight at bar - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

  • (Drunk) does something (stupid, violent) – EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK the police are called to one or more bars in Hoboken (mostly downtown). Alcohol, social media, and stupidity create these situations. And reporting on them is stupid (which is why you can craft your own police blotter with essentially the EXACT SAME results). Recently a headline was “NYC woman charged with wielding glass vase during Hoboken assault.” Such powerful “Emmy-award-winning headlines.”

    I’d be more direct: “Bitch fight ensues, some bitches got bloody. Next!”

    That type of shit needs comedy, not faux “crime reporting.” But remember, the various local police departments are the ones trickling these incident reports out, and are not available open source. Ministry of Propaganda 101. And the media follows lock step.

  • dumb drug stories - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

  • (ANYTHING “drug” related) – So many stories about someone being apprehended after some kind of “stop.” And they go on to “be in possession” of some sort of organic material that was decreed to be “illegal.”

    Does anyone at all “get up in arms” when someone has weed, coke, heroin, or pills? If so, why? Who cares what these low-lives put in their body?

    In case you’re a dumb moron – the REAL reason many “street drugs” are illegal is because of the underground (untrackable) movement of money. Not because of the “crime” or health “detriment.” If that was the case – we wouldn’t have many multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies or Obamacare (and the 250k that die each year unnecessarily).

    Another (big) reason for this “war” on drugs, is the huge for-profit prison system here in the good ‘ole USA, and why our country has the largest per-capita rate of incarcerations in the fucking WORLD. Show them the money!

Luckily – many people are “waking up” to alternate sources of information – and the distrust in local entities and news reporting agencies is at an almost all time high. Fake, manipulative, and distracting. Your life rarely changes by tuning in to those “outlets.”

Sadly – there are many that have been successfully “puppetized” by this media spin machine – that they’ll never awaken successfully. Hopfeully you’re not one of them.

That is our Food for Thought for today!

hudson county headlines are bullshit - Hudson County Headlines {"Headlines"}

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