Chicco Music Box Repair

Chicco Music Box Repair {not for idiots}

Hey guys – I had to post this – because I’ve determined that no one can do anything for themselves anymore. Case in point: A simple Chicco Music Box Repair that no one seems to know how to accomplish.

Until now.

chicco music box repair tools

Tools required: Jewelers Phillips head screwdriver and a drill.

Chicco Music Boxes are a dream toy for babies

Here’s the deal. A couple who are friends of ours have a (now) two-year-old. He’s destructive (I wonder why). He throws almost everything you give him to the ground as fast as a Nolan Ryan fastball from the 80’s.

The times I visited my friends, they had two “Chicco Music Boxes.” One was a quarter moon, and the other was a star.

The boy tossed the star around like a cheap Tijuana hooker on “date night” in Mexico. But that lovely music box kept on ticking. 1,000 times smashed on a ceramic kitchen floor – amazing to say the least!

Well – the 1,001st time – the (star) toy broke. The boy was distraught. No more music for you! (cue Soup Man voice)

The wheel behind this mechanism was cracked.

The wheel behind this mechanism was cracked.

No way to repair – only to replace at a premium

Apparently – This Chicco device has been “evaporated” from American markets. You can still buy it on eBay for around $100 (fucking outrageous), or get it from overseas.

You CANNOT buy the spare parts anywhere I’ve seen. Apparently fixing things yourself is not trendy anymore.

But their little boy has been devastated beyond belief since it broke (it’s way beyond his age yet he still craves it – odd…) They griped about how frustrating it was that no one offered repair services.

Since this couple had no real physical or mechanical skills about “devices,” they asked me to take a look at it.

(sorry guys – I had to tell the truth!)

A broken part is hard to come by

Their stupid “music box” toy stopped working. The problem was that they could no longer “pull the string” the way special interests yank the governments’ chain day in and day out. It was dead – like people want Trump since he was elected President.

Taking the apparatus apart revealed that a simple gear, plastic part, wheel, whatever you want to call it – was cracked. A small piece keeping the “string” in place had broken.

That was the ONLY thing that had to be replaced in order to get the music box back to operational standards. Like a 50-cent part. Or less.

But you CANNOT find or buy this part online. Not today at least. Maybe it has something to do with that ICANN takeover. Or maybe Chicco got sued by some asshole mom who blamed them for her lack of parenting. Regardless, fixing this (now expensive) toy has gotten weird.

In summation:

  • It’s not sold (retail) in America anymore (other normal countries – sure!) America only has other electronic versions (that probably brainwashes everyone that hears it).
  • NO spare parts. I cannot find anything anywhere. Amazon, eBay, ETSY, nowhere.
  • WTF? What is wrong with an old-fashioned mechanical toy anyway?
This photo is for illustrative purposes only. DO NOT DRILL LIKE THIS. Take the wheel off as well as the string. Then carefully drill a hole in the other side of the wheel.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only. DO NOT DRILL LIKE THIS. Take the wheel off as well as the string. Then carefully drill a hole in the other side of the wheel.

I fixed the Chicco Music Box myself

I initially told my friends that “they’re shit OUT OF LUCK.” Nadda.

The wife got sad. She welled up. It was the first real toy her boy had. It was “special.”

So, that got my wheels spinning…

“Want me to try and fix this on my own?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said – with a glimmer of hope against this swath of bad online news.

“Okay, give me a couple days, I’ll let you know…. But don’t hold me responsible if I break it even more…”

A simple rudimentary device is easy to fix! Here’s the basic blueprint:
– Identify the exact problem (bad gear, wheel, snapped part)
– What are the possible solutions? (with no parts, nada)
– Fix yourself (is there something that can be “MacGyver’ed?”)

So the problem was this plastic wheel which holds the string. The piece snapped. But there appeared to be a way to make a SECOND hole on the opposite side.


  1. Take unit apart. Set screws aside.
  2. Remove (3) interior screws from music wheel.
  3. DO NOT REMOVE the two bigger screws that hold the “piano teeth.” You will regret that. See photo.
  4. Drill hole (I forget – I used I believe a 7/64th bit. This is important to visually size up. Too big a hole will permanently ruin that gear).
  5. re-thread string / re-tie knot at end of string.
  6. Carefully put back together.

Get your Chicco Music Box fixed TODAY!

After reading above – if you STILL cannot comprehend fixing this precious device yourself – I can help.

Send me your device (along with $55) to Hoboken411 (email me for instructions –

I will do my best to repair your broken toy.

I’ll also try hard to “sanitize” it (bleach or other sanitizing ingredients) before returning.

If I cannot repair it – I’ll send it back.

Chicco Music Box Repair

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I also have a music box I need to repair it thanks for providing this blog it helps me more in this it is interesting and useful too.