Questionable news sources

There are MANY questionable news sources

Anyone with half a brain already knows “MSM” (mainstream media) is toast. Lying sacks of pudding probably promised all sorts of favors and money if a “certain” candidate wins. They’re hanging on – but for how long? Why so many questionable news sources?

questionable news sources - Questionable news sourcesBut there are other sources you need to question NOW.

I scan the headlines of 1000’s of sites each week. With ease. And over time, I group them into particular categories.

They might have moved from “reliable” sources, to what I call “questionable” sources over time.

One such site is VETERANS TODAY. It’s supposed to be a site where military veterans join up to discuss whatever matters.

But maybe about a year ago – I noticed a profound trend. And even more so as Trump gained momentum. They are viciously against Trump. WHY?

All veterans should be supporting Trump – as he’s the one vowing to help them since they’ve been so forgotten over the years.

However, I think that site is a sham or fake news source aimed at indoctrinating those sad souls.

There are others too who’ve become compromised.

Sadly – my (once, and no longer) favorite YouTuber Casey Neistat is one of them. He has 5 million subscribers – and recently said he was voting for Clinton. His sole reason was a fluff attack piece on Trump published in the NYT. Easy deflection of personal opinion. Luckily for Trump supporters, most of Neistat’s subscribers are 12-17 years old. But I instantly stopped viewing his videos after that. He may be a very talented filmmaker, but I want my 52 hours a year back, and will not longer waste time enriching him. Re-directing my time.

There are other questionable sites out there too. Including VICE news. VICE has a huge following and an interesting and subtle way of disseminating news. Some of their pieces are well done – including their video segments. But it’s clear as day they have a foot in the pool of one particular candidate. I just wonder how many people they truly affect. The way they architect their model of influence is different than most outlets. Clandestine to say the least.

bono politics - Questionable news sources

What is up with all this nudging and attempted influence?

Regarding the “MSM,” it’s apparent they’re just an extension of something else.

But these other media outlets, it becomes a bit harder to pinpoint. There are multiple possible explanations.

Sure, maybe some people / sites actually feel the way they do on their own. But I have a hard time believing it.

Others are quite possibly rewarded monetarily for using their influence. Money has strange effects on people. Almost anyone would “change their tune” if offered a few million smackeroos to say a few words – even if it goes against their personal beliefs. That sucks, doesn’t it? To betray your audience for selfish reasons? Look to Hollywood for many examples of this. Greedy fucks talking about the environment and third world nations when our own country is in shambles.

But do these “influencers” have the same effect today? Worse? Better?

With so many mentally-enslaved morons walking the face of this planet – it has become a phony, hard to decipher mess – that’s for sure.

Too bad honesty and truth hardly has any influence these days.

lies truth questionable news sources - Questionable news sources

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