Practical Christmas Gifts 2016: Books

Books make practical Christmas Gifts every year!

Around this time of the year – we enjoy sharing what we feel are more thoughtful presents to give people. Part of our Practical Christmas Gifts category here on Hoboken411.

And understandably – books almost always make our cut. Why? Because they work without electricity and enrich the mind in ways “apps” or other mindless media can’t.

So here are a few that might fit someone on your list this year.

Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

velvet glove iron fist - Practical Christmas Gifts 2016: BooksVelvet Glove, Iron Fist – A History of Anti-Smoking is a fascinating book. It would make enlightening reading for anyone on either side of the whole debate.

The assault on smoking is over 500 years old. And author Christopher Snowdon takes you on a very long journey each step of the way. 20 pages of references make this a highly accurate book as well.

Why is this fascinating? Because most people do not understand the mechanisms at work behind the scenes. And I don’t believe any single publication has tried piecing all the parts of the puzzle together.

The obsession with controlling others, even with the fake claims of “public safety” all share some common denominators. Ego and money.

And when you see the history and connect the dots – you realize it’s almost nothing compared to what you believe. Much worse. Sickening.

It’s not the easiest or most exciting book in the world – but is worth plowing through for the understanding you’ll gain. Seeing the complex and ever-changing web of deceit around us is empowering.

(We’re almost done with the book – full review to come later…)

How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

how adam smith can change your life - Practical Christmas Gifts 2016: BooksHow Adam Smith Can Change Your Life – An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness is a quick and easy read.

Author Russ Roberts takes the book “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” which was written over 250 years ago by Adam Smith (who was famous for A Wealth of Nations) and brings it to the 21st Century.

What is amazing is – that the ideas presented by Adam Smith are still exceptionally true today. Probably more important than ever for more people to comprehend them.

I won’t spoil anymore – but anyone with half a brain that reads it will be a better person afterward.

Whether anyone is even capable of that anymore these days, is another story…

Dealing with Narcissism

Narcissists are extremely difficult people to deal with.

And especially today – with the infestation of social media and selfies – the self-important person who’s fecal matter does not stink is now an epidemic.

A couple books we’ve read and found helpful:

narcissism books - Practical Christmas Gifts 2016: Books

Disarming the Narcissist by Wendy Behary. Like most other books on narcissism, this book covers the basics very well. This is also one of the very few books that actually offers what may be a chance to FIX a relationship with a narcissistic person. The odds are still slim – and also requires a LOT of work by the “victim.” But if you are hell-bent on sticking it out – you need this book in your library.

Narcissists Exposed – 75 Things Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know by Drew Keys. This book is not nearly as “scientific” as many others we’ve read. It’s more “straight and to the point.” The net messages are essentially the same across every one we’ve read. This one is more like a Cliff Notes version. Handy for quick reference in the future as well. However, they almost tell it like it is at the end – offering ZERO hope at amending a narcissistic relationship. “Run away” is their advice. Probably the most realistic as well.

Yep – not your typical list of books – but definitely not run of the mill either. Check ’em out!

practical christmas gifts books - Practical Christmas Gifts 2016: Books

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