Breaking what?

Breaking what? News? Urgency?

Man, we’ve mentioned references to curtail or eliminate mainstream news for quite a while now.

breaking news crime scene - Breaking what?

  • A PATH Stairwell reopens
  • A disgusting coffee shop reopens
  • A road was paved
  • Someone said somehting
  • A dog did something unusual
  • The sun came up (again)

NOT breaking news and even if some people were excited or happy – do you need to waste everyone else’s time with that info? Can’t they find out on their own – the same way you did?

Seriously – save that time for useful information. This applies specifically to the “news” organizations out there…

How many people changed their day or schedule because of a newly opened set of stairs? Really.

Whether it’s reporters – or just social media addicts – the incessant desire to be “first” or have your three-seconds in the spotlight for some soon-to-be-forgotten blip of “information” is obvious. And odd.

Minutiae at it’s finest.

They want you to react as if it’s “breaking”

Man, the more we learned about “news,” the less we reacted to “Breaking” anything. We have so much disdain for the phrase “breaking” in 2016. Over and done.

Today, in our opinion – “breaking” means “LOOK AT US! We have urgent shit we’re programming you into having a reaction from!!!”

We’ve mentioned breaking news in the past. And in 99.9% of the circumstances – “breaking” does not affect ANYONE. At all.

True urgent “news” affects individuals for real.

Things like an impending natural disaster (storm, etc.), or a psychopathic mass-murderer on the loose. Those things might be helpful to know if you’re not already “in the loop.”

But I see countless outlets diluting the word “breaking” it makes me sick. “Breaking” today means “news is coming out about… (insert meaningless subject here)”

99.9% of the “breaking” news has NO EFFECT on your life whatsoever. Have you ever thought about that? I mean – that if you did NOT get that “breaking” news, your life would remain unchanged.

Even if it is something that could fairly be called “disruptive” (like the NJ Transit train crash), it still something that is easily worked around and not the end of the world for those affected. A minor setback.

So why do people get excited about that stupid breaking news anyway? What is wrong with society? Can we take a different approach once and for all?

Unplugging from the “MSM” has done wonders for us (in terms of our everyday lives). This editorial is based on a view from afar, and seeing the trends in society in general.

State the facts

My final portion of this post is about telling it like it is.

Why do “mainstream” media outlets have to sensationalize every tidbit of information?

Wouldn’t it be nice if headlines and other tidbits just stated the facts without the click-bait mentality? Or stop using words that are for the most part inaccurate?

Almost 100% of the MSM sensationalizes every last bit. Celebrities. Politicians. Sports figures. All useless people get big-time coverage.

Meanwhile, the “real people” of this country get ignored.

The entire system around us is designed to keep MOST people down and promote the privileged few above us all. It’s time to blow these fuckers off. Screw the “Brangelina’s” of the pop culture world and bring back the power to US ALL.

Have a nice day!

breaking news is not all that - Breaking what?

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