Three weeks left {election day}

So with three weeks left until election day…

One last “debate” (you can call it a dog and pony show too). And three weeks of wondering how the final leg will shape up.

That got me wondering – who could possibly be “undecided” anyway? Do people sit there and make “pros and cons” charts? Do they flip-flop back and forth for the months leading to election day? Do they let the daily news cycle dictate who’s the flavor of the moment? I just can’t think like that.

So what might happen in these final three weeks anyway?

  • Drastic election-altering event for one (or both) candidates?
  • More damning evidence to discredit one or another?
  • A major earth-shattering moment (attack, martial law, etc)

I’ll tell you this much – I cannot wait until it’s over.

Politics and political chatter should be way off the radar while a solid country of able-minded people just goes about their lives. But that is a fantasy in its own right.

Oh – and this video might help some people. If you’re a Clinton supporter – how can you address this (besides holding your hands over your ears and saying “la la la la?”

three weeks

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Too bad the video gave such a passing mention to her statement that she “dreams of a world with open borders and free movement of people.”

That dream, if fulfilled, would absolutely destroy the USA.

Anyone who’s heard of this dream and isn’t terrified either hasn’t thought about it much or hates traditional America. I despise them, and anyone else who is ok with the globalist agenda because they seek the displacement of my family, me, and just about eveyone and everything I know.