Differences between Trump and Clinton

Trump and Clinton – the HUGE differences

Without mentioning individual talking points per se – have you ever noticed the real differences between what Donald Trump says and what Hillary Clinton says? From a holistic point of view?

In our humble opinion – this is what we see:

  • When Trump speaks – he’s clear, understandable, and poignant. His points make sense. He speaks TO you, not AT you.
  • When Clinton speaks, she speaks with jargon, generalities, and very little specifics. It seems so horribly crafted that it sounds FAKE and contrived. Typical politician chatter. Terrible.

Some could argue that it’s just differences in personality. We disagree.

One is genuine and sincere – and the other is complete bullshit.

But what is staggering is the amount of trickery that is going on behind the scenes in order to keep the status quo in place. When it’s entirely wrong for the American people.

Today’s Food for Thought.

differences between trump and clinton

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Obama reduced deficit by 2/3rds. Unemployment rates are at historical lows. Obamacare benefits taxpayers. Hillary wont add a cent to the deficit. Whats not to like?

Perhaps the doubling of the debt, the millions that left the labor force, the massive premiums and out of pocket medical expenses, and the Trillions that will be added to the debt?


The president does not control the nation’s purse strings. Congress does.
Civics 101.
With the exception of 2009, Rs have controlled the House. Since 2015 Rs have controlled the house AND senate.
Just saying.


Not sure what you are talking about in regards to Hillary. She was very clear with many points. For instance she said in terms of stabilizing Social Security she wants to add money to it without cutting benefits while not adding a cent to the deficit. Also free college and no tax increases for anyone making under 250K again without adding a cent to the deficit. Medicare same thing after she roots out Waste/Fraud/Abuse and incorporate Wellcare to slash costs. Bada Bing Bada Boom country saved!


If Clinton gets her wish: open borders/free movement of people it’s all moot as the USA devolves into just another failed Latin American kleptocracy. Picture Brazil on a high carb diet.

Country saved? Well not really.