Trump’s chances

Will he win? What are Trump’s chances?

We talked about the stupidity of sites like Wikipedia and Quora the other day. We also cited that Quora – despite it’s shift to one side (hint), does occasionally find some diamonds in the rough. I’m still surprised they even allow any “against the grain” opinions. Especially one stupid question that asked: “Do some people think Trump can actually win?”

Read my post about why there are even ANY Hillary supporters to get a clue.

Here, we’ll present two different opinions about the outcome of the upcoming election.

First, one guy on Quora nailed the perfect answer to the question above:

Trump will win – and by more as people figure it out

Only the intelligent people that understand the monetary system will vote for Trump. Trump is far from perfect but he knows what will fix America.

The rest of the clueless people that don’t know why after over 50 years JFK’s death is still unsolved, will never get it. The people that don’t know why Abraham Lincoln was murdered, will never get it.

Watch 7th president Andrew Jackson’s “I killed the bank” Legacy:

If America is awake Trump will win by a landslide.

donald j trump - Trump's chancesIf America is asleep and still ignorant then it will get everything it deserves from the lack of knowledge of what the central issue really is: How the Economy functions at its core by way of the monetary system setup for private bankers: Keynesian Economics and globalism (slavery)

I trust the school of Austrian Economics and national sovereignty for every nation in the world. (freedom)

Just ask yourself is your life better since the year 2000 as the USA added $15,000,000,000,000 to the National Debt. +$15 TRILLION and it’s fast approaching $20 Trillion with the middle class being robbed more and more every single day.

Where did all that money go?

As people watch TV, sports, and everything else they do, the bankers are taking control and when the National Debt reaches $30 Trillion+, American life as you know it will be over and all the baby boomers will not get their SS checks because there will be no money after paying the interest on $30 Trillion+. That will happen as Clinton is going to spend more than Obama did if she gets into power as a banker puppet.

Trump’s goal is to pay off the National Debt completely in 8 years. Sounds impossible? It’s possible if he brings back the Red Seal (interest-free currency) on the US Dollar, like JFK wanted to do. He’ll use the interest savings to pay down the National Debt, increase GDP growth to 3–4% per year to increase USA revenues by lowering taxes while eliminating loopholes so everyone contributes. (not just the middle class) When everyone contributes then the average person will pay less and life will definitely get better as you keep more for yourself with every paycheck.

Then he’ll incentivize investments and business to come back to the USA from overseas because of fair competition and trade balancing through tariffs that will keep America first.

Once the National Debt is paid off, you will see prosperity as it should have been for ages and America Will Be Great Again.

trump chances to win - Trump's chances

But because people are fucking stupid – Clinton will win?

And here is a more sobering viewpoint from the jewamongyou blog I enjoy reading. He thinks that because of the total ignoramuses out there – plus the fact that even the folks of “higher intelligence” are subject to leftist mind-control – that Hillary (and all the bad things that come along with that bag of bones) will be elected.

A quick thought on Clinton

by jewamongyou

“I don’t claim to be an expert on anything political, but I am a pretty good judge of human nature. Regarding this upcoming election, two dangerous human traits are set to converge: Weak-mindedness and the impulse to compensate.

Over half of the population is at, or below, average intelligence. A large portion of those who are of higher intelligence are faithful to the religion of Leftism. While they may question some of the claims put forth by the controlled media, they won’t question its underlying premises or the corresponding subliminal messages it so aggressively subjects us to. Also, Trump is right that there will be massive voter fraud.

That’s why I’m fairly certain that Hillary Clinton will be elected. She represents the Establishment, and so does the controlled media and a large majority of both major political parties.

One of the things that scare me about her is that being aware of the perception that women are weak, she’ll compensate for this – to the point of starting WWIII.

Here’s a video by Black Pigeon Speaks:

So we can expect the Federal government to continue to infringe on our right to bear arms, while at the same time increasingly using arms to start wars across the globe. There are a lot of evil things her presidency will bring. We’re in for rough times.

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I’m personally not looking forward to the shit that hits the fan in two weeks.