Slow driving epidemic

What is causing the slow driving epidemic?

Over the past few months – I’ve noticed a peculiar trend driving around the NYC tri-state area. Insanely slow and passive, weak drivers. What is causing this slow driving epidemic?

The first few times – I guessed that maybe it was just my luck to get stuck behind apprehensive, slow drivers. Many times at least 5-10 mph below the limit (which is already too slow to begin with).

But the trend continued. At least once per trip – often three or four times a trip as of late. What are these people afraid of? They weren’t driving rickety jalopies. Most were new model cars no older than 3-4 years old at most.

slow driving epidemic - Slow driving epidemic

So if true, what might be contributing to this ill trend?

one does not simply stay calm behind slow drivers - Slow driving epidemic

  • Fear of the police state – “getting pulled over.” With all the trigger happy cops shooting dogs, deaf-mutes, and cripples – perhaps these folks just want to avoid any confrontation?
  • Obedient sheep. The world is a strange place. “TPTB” likes obedient people who follow rules. Perhaps their Jedi-tricks are working?
  • Just a lot of old people? I thought maybe it was just old people – but that has verified only about 10% of the time. Has to be something else.
  • Something in the air or water? I often wonder if people are getting drugged via water or chemical sprays. But if that’s the case, I’d probably be a slow driver too (I’m not). Maybe it’s the prescription meds 90% of the people are on?
  • General ineptitude caused by modern conveniences? With real skills diminishing, it’s quite possible people are just becoming functionally dilapidated?

Maybe it’s just me? That would be very odd – but anything is possible these days. Could be that a nation filled with slow, overly cautious drivers is a good thing for society. But it’s not something I particularly enjoy.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

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