Election Day 2016 {Who will get “voted” President?}

Well – here it is. The “official” election day.

While voting has been “open” for the past few weeks in many states (hello voter fraud and manipulation), today is the “big day” where millions of (documented and undocumented) American “citizens” will head to polling stations across the country.

There are many different classes of people that you’ll experience today:

  • Those that voted.
  • And those that did not.
  • People that voted two, three, five and fifteen times for the same person.
  • Some will follow the “results” with bated breath and hang on to every dramatic announcement, live blog, tweet, and other time-sucking activity (not us)
  • Others will not give a crap – because they have money to make and other more important things to do other than the dramatic conclusion to one of the most hateful election cycles in this generation’s memory (others have been worse, so I’ve read).
  • I’ve heard that groups on both sides of the ballot will get “angry” if the results don’t turn out in their favor. I’d recommend staying away from those people.

If this whole election process is legitimate – then good luck to the legitimate winner. Might be wise to remain indoors if you’re in a big city.

However, in this country – holy crap – what is real is unreal, and what is unreal – is the new reality.

Dunno what we’ll do later. We’ve already said that curiosity is a basic human trait, and some things like this 18 month election hype cycle might be worth getting closure on – despite the outcome.

So how many blue liberal states will the known political criminal win? Enough to garner 270 of those (suspicious) “electoral” votes?

Imagine if Trump gets millions more individual votes – even wins states outright – but the electoral college gives it to Hillary? I’d suspect more than one person would be “up in arms.”

Good luck everyone.

Election Day 2016 NJ - ELECTION DAY 2016

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Adam Smith
Adam Smith
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 12:13 pm

Hillary 6am. Boom!

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