5 classic rock songs {now offensive}

5 classic rock songs that now offend people!

offended person - 5 classic rock songs {now offensive}Had an entertaining and fun run of going back down “memory lane” the last few weeks – when it comes to good classic rock music.

And in listening to some of them, I could not help think about the ridiculous “trigger warnings” all over the map these days.

Thus, my list of 5 classic rock songs that some retarded douchebags out there will get offended by:

5. Neil Young – Cripple Creek Ferry

This is a nice smooth jam by Neil Young “Cripple Creek Ferry.” Short and sweet. (under 2 minutes.)

But some cripples out there will absolutely think it is “insensitive” and the title should be changed to “Physically Challenged Ferry” or something like that.

Have you noticed how they’ve hijacked words entirely? Regardless of context?

You can’t even call an inanimate object “retarded” anymore without ruffling some pansy’s feathers. Must be the fluoride in the water or something!

4. Lou Reed – Take a Walk on the Wild Side

When this song came out in the early 70’s – it was controversial. For the risque talk about “transvestites,” etc. Kind of went against traditional (and healthy) American values.

Today? No big deal! Everyone can pick whatever gender or stupid ass thing they (think) they “identify” with!

However, also today, the horrible reference to “colored girls” is intolerable! How dare they allow such racist lyrics!

(Well, the song wouldn’t flow as well if he sang “And the Afro-centric people that identify as females go… Doo doo doo doo doo doo…” right?)

3. Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls

This was a simple song about the love of “girls” by men. I didn’t like Motley Crue – but the song had a catchy rift, and think I like it today a lot better than when it came out (we were listening to better rock like Van Halen, Rush, and The Police back then). Not classic rock – but still notable.

But today, Millennials everywhere are talking about “equality” and “inclusion,” so this is obviously offensive.

They’d demand the lyrics to be changed to something stupid like “Gender-neutral, Gender-neutral, Gender-neutral,” which would make the song entirely suck ass.

2. Van Halen – Beautiful Girls

One of many great Van Halen songs was “Beautiful Girls.” An awesome rock jam with classic and unmistakable guitar licks.

However, people today would get offended that a group of men would prefer feminine, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS over fat, disgusting, lazy, and confused bitches with green or blue hair and gross tattoos covering their sloth-like bodies.

They’d demand the lyrics be changed to either “all girls are beautiful,” or even worse “All lives matter and are beautiful,” thus taking the life out of a simple song.

(PS – this is my favorite embedded video of the post – despite it being a “user edit…”)

1. Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

Holy shit. I never gave (and still don’t give) a shit about what the lyrics meant in the Rolling Stones’ popular song “Brown Sugar.” Who gives a fuck? Do people care about the lewd crap they read in “50 Shades of Grey?” Fuck that!

However, this is considered all sorts of racist to people all over since it was recorded right after my birthday back in 1969. Interpreting what Jagger said about the “inspiration” behind his lyrics – “That makes it… the whole mess thrown in. God knows what I’m on about on that song. It’s such a mishmash.” (i.e., he was drunk or high just writing snappy easy to sing phrases…)

However, he later said (and backed down like a pussy): “I never would write that song now, I would probably censor myself. I’d think, ‘Oh God, I can’t. I’ve got to stop. I can’t just write raw like that.”

Do you see? With all this “mob mentality” and “political correctness” that exists today – you’d NEVER have the classic, timeless, music we were blessed with. It stifles freedom of expression and brilliant creativity. Slippery slope, guys. Plus – what in God’s name would you BITCH about if everyone was perfectly politically correct? Think about that one for a good solid minute or a million.

Good luck to the future generations. They probably have mind-control audio-patterns programmed into their shitty music already anyway!

Does creative expression really matter?

I could have probably found 100 more examples – but like we always do – wrote our post in “off the top of our mind” format. Are there any OBVIOUS ones I might have missed? Please share below.

In the end – no one should give a shit what a “creative artist” decides to express in “First Amendment” America. Heck, gobs of hip hop songs were vulgar and sexist beyond belief – but they get hardly any attention whatsoever. They’re just songs with words. If you don’t like them or get offended by their words – don’t listen. That’s your freedom. No one is FORCING you to hear it.

Related: You should see this ASININE article from the USELESS website “Salon,” which bitches about what free radio stations should play when it comes to “classic rock.” They’re bitching and moaning about “other” songs that should be played. These fucking dopes have never heard of satellite radio and stations like “deep tracks,” which play MANY songs from popular bands – deep into their recording catalog. People bitch about what they get for free – even in 2016. They have iPhone 7’s with Bluetooth and all sorts of technology – and they STILL bitch about the radio? No doubt JUST FOR CLICKS. Fuck the likes of Salon, BuzzFeed, and any other web click-farm. Delete and avoid!

classic rock that is offensive to some idiots in the world - 5 classic rock songs {now offensive}

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Friday, October 28, 2016 3:03 pm

Actually, an edit without “And the colored girls say” was made available to radio stations on initial release (changed to “And the girls all say”). “Cripple Creek” is an actual place …

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