What country do we live in again?

Seriously – What country do we live in? {Spanish Flu Shot Signs…}

You’d think that when you look at the demographics of Hoboken (especially in the affluent areas), you’d never have confusion as to “what country do we live in again?”

Brownstones that cost millions. Luxury vehicles. $5 coffee beverages and latest model $700 cell phones (Wait a minute – $700 phones are in every area… except the brownstones… but I digress.)

What causes this type of thing to happen?

Part of me likes to think perhaps politics plays a role. You know the whole diversity thing. But in this particular example – it’s an industry cut from a similar cloth: Big Pharma (and their poison peddlers like Rite Aid).

The pharmaceutical industry leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting the maximum use of their horrible products (flu shots included). So if there is a chance they can take a few extra pennies from someone – they’ll do it. And the Hispanic part of most communities is the largest that may have problems reading plain English. So they go for it.

Maybe someone can make some bi-lingual “Don’t Do It” signs to tape over these things… But then again, a simple “No” works just as well!

what country do we live in

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Notice if you go just up the hill signs are in both languages as I am accustomed to seeing. If you did not see an English version then maybe the rates of vaccination are low for Latinos and Spanish. Or maybe the Hola school wants to expose their students more as a learning experiment.

If we want visitors from manhattan to drop dollars here the ferry at least is going to have to have multi-lingual language at their stops. Same deal with this grant for location signage, do hope at least Spanish is included.