Say NO to gummy vitamins

Gummy vitamins (or gummy anything): Bad idea!

I just wanted to throw this out to all the readers. “Gummy Vitamins” or any kind of gummy supplement is not smart to ingest.

For one simple reason:

say no to gummy vitamins - Say NO to gummy vitaminsSUGAR.

Countless companies and manufacturers of (sometimes good) supplements – are now peddling them in sugar-laced formats. “Yummy” gummies. Just a bad idea.

Adding sugars to your body voluntarily is so stupid. Sure, it makes “taking your vitamins” that much more pleasurable – but it is 100% unhealthy to do so in such a format.

Centrum is one of the biggest peddlers of vitamins these days. And their “new” thing is to peddle them in (tasty, sweet, minty, chewy, candy-like) units. Many other brands as well. What could be the reason? Higher profit margins are one possibility.

But the main selling point (in our opinion) is, that selling anything that reminds people of “candy” will sell well. And any amount of sugar added to one’s diet is good for the industry overall. It’s a terrible trend that should be stopped – especially for kids!

Please – for your own health – DO NOT fall into that trap.

How to get the vitamins and minerals you need?

Always – the best way to get nutrients into your body is via FOOD. Good meats. Great vegetables. Smart fruits. Almost NO ONE who eats properly needs a “multi-vitamin” supplement. While we do not shy away from some (like NOW Foods ADAM multivitamin) since it contains a brilliant mix of male-centric necessities not found in ANY OTHER multivitamin! Having a “proper” multi on hand is a great idea. Your eating schedule may not always be on par.

But other than that – eating good food (often RAW) is a smart way to live life. Eating McDonald’s or any other rubbish is just killing you slowly. Or even worse – keeping you all barely alive for the profit of the medical industry.

I’m amazed that so many people are attached to this god-awful way of getting nutrition.

We’re not saying you need to be a tree-bark eating nature freak. However, eating wholesome “whole” foods is probably a safe bet. Even if it costs a bit more today.

Because the ramification tomorrow – may be much worse.

Then again you might just get hit by a car, too. So what’s the point of trying to live a better life?

gummy vitamins are a bad idea - Say NO to gummy vitamins

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