Please stop the “_____ Lives Matter” movements!

WTF is up with the “_____ Lives Matter” crap?

When it comes to the asinine “______ Lives Matter” garbage that has infected society this year – you probably fall into one of two camps:

  1. One that has been involved in some shape or form in ANY of the ferocious debates. Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, or even “All Lives Matter.” The fact you took the bait and got suckered into a KNOWN “distraction to human society” is shameful. This whole dumbass movement was organized by external forces to inflict political and societal changes (and not with YOUR best interests in mind).
  2. You don’t care. You know the drill. It’s all by design. You will not get intimately involved – however, large mobs of “angry” people, (despite not even knowing why they’re angry – or who exactly they should be angry with), is not necessarily a positive thing. Once created, these so-called movements sometimes take a life of their own – often beyond what the “organizers” planned or intended. Pain, destruction, and even untimely death can encounter those who want no part of this nonsense. Sick.

There is a much simpler way to approach this. The first step is to ignore the “talking points” being peddled across the universe.

clueless lives matter only to certain benefactors - Please stop the "_____ Lives Matter" movements!

Anyone involved in the protests – just stop!

I’m fairly certain the internet, mainstream media, and especially social networks are almost entirely to blame for these rapid flare-ups of societal discontent and terrible & violent events. Somehow “a thing” is created, gains momentum (whether real or fake), and thousands of mentally-enslaved morons just flock to the scene. No real debate. Total lack of understanding. No connecting the dots. Just perceived anger (the “victims”) – and supposed “assailants” of their misery.

You have been played. They want you to “fight among yourselves” without truly understanding who you should be fighting. This is classic social engineering. As well as an almost direct play from the “Divide and Conquer” playbook.

We should not be fighting each other – regardless of the disparity of economic “class.”

Take a step back – why is this happening?

The last thing the government wants is for those in “poverty” to collectively wake up as to why they might be in that situation. And it’s not about their skin color per se.

It’s that the government NEEDS people in poverty. Un-educated. Kept in the dark. Distracted with meaningless culture. Shitty booze. Criminal records. I can go on and on.

Purposely un-educated

Many of the people in the inner-cities are truly under-educated. Whether because they wanted to be that way – or we were not as harsh as we should have been when people “were up to no good.”

But they’re kept that way (via shoddy schools) because they’re truly PAWNS in the game.

One, because they rely on the “teet” of the gov’t. Always Democratic.

Two, they become “useful idiots” who are easily “stirred up” by some racial bullshit. Then the whole “race war” thing disrputs society while distracting them from what the toolbags behind the curtain are doing to the rest of us.

Man, it’s so sickening. To take an already beaten-down and neglected aspect of society – to only (impressively) trick them into thinking there is some race issues and that other people are to blame for their lack of effort.

Perfect planning those fuckers at the top are doing. And with the MSM lapdogs in their pockets – they are essentially SCRIPTING society for their own benefit. The probably had the outlines for
what’s happening in 2016 – twenty or MORE years ago. You don’t think they can plan ahead?

I just hope one day their “script” wasn’t proof-read properly – and they finally make the end-all be-all mistake that exposes them

Even “all lives matter!”

It should be natural human instinct that every life matters (with merit).

If you’re a criminal douchebag – your life matters less. It should not be up to society to “reform” you – unless it is proven that society was the reason for your weaknesses.

Sure – some can say that the way the American society has “devolved,” has some people to blame. Maybe a lot of people. Mostly politicians in my opinion. But the willingness of the American people who have ALLOWED such slow changes to take place without drastic action is probably the culprit.

There have been thousands of books, authors, and publications made regarding the “slow boil of the frog” that has taken place since this country’s inception. But it appears not enought of “us” have caught on to make a big enough impact against the “machine” that is dictating all this garbage. Why not?

Do you see what’s happening here? I do. But I doubt these people have a clue:

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016 8:25 pm

A quibble but I’ve seen similar words here before: “via shoddy schools”

What is “shoddy” about these schools? The drywall is substandard? The wiring isn’t up to code? What, exactly?

Look at the Kansas City school system. A decade ago it spent $2 billion over 12 years and created state-of-the-art school facilities. In addition, the kids got field trips to foreign countries, sports coaching from olympic medalists, ballet, drama, theater production, fashion design, before-school programs, after-school programs.

And guess what happened? That’s right: THE GAP widened. This is more or less the outcome EVERYWHERE this experiment is tried. So why do people still bark “bad schools!”??

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 11:07 am

i really hope we can stop hearing the phrase “black lives matter”… but that would mean that police would have to stop treating black men and women like their guilty until proven innocent. At the very least, stop the “shoot first, and call my union rep later” culture.

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