Excitement about new restaurants or bars

Excitement about new restaurants, bars, shops – why exactly?

You ever curious about why when some new thing is set to “change the landscape,” hype and excitement ensue? I mean, after all, they’re just a place to spend time and money – which we already have a myriad of options.

Is it because people are bored? Or is it just simple human curiosity? What about the lack of contentment over a long period of time? Or is it just the lifestyle we’ve all be conditioned to live throughout our lives?

But the hype and unbridled eagerness and excitement people have these days is a lot stronger than it used to be. Why now? What connecting dots are making this happen? There has to be some kind of explanation.

excitement with food comes with endless fluff - Excitement about new restaurants or bars

“New” has always been exciting – but are there hidden addictions?

Human curiosity for new and different has always been there. Heck, we wouldn’t have explored and conquered many corners of the planet otherwise. But now that all the “heavy lifting” has already been done – that need still needs fulfillment. And nowadays drills down to the micro-level. Such as new shops, traffic patterns or modes of transportation. Yes, some big-hitters come out and develop some massive things like golf courses, casinos, and entertainment megaplexes. But most are still very tiny in the grand scale.

But there is a common thread – food, alcohol, and money.

Almost EVERY place to “eat” shoves LARGE amounts of carbs down your throat.

Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, French Fries – or fancy dishes with foreign words most cannot pronounce without assistance. 96% of all restaurant dishes raise your blood sugar levels.

Booze as well. Catching a happy buzz at a restaurant will negate most criticism of whether the food was good, or the experience was a fair value.

All addictive.

(PS – this is why so few low-carb places don’t exist. No addiction.)

People like to mix their addictions up – however, it’s all peas in a pod. It’s a drug for you. That “new” place doesn’t THRILL your taste-buds in any profound way. Sure, quality varies slightly – but you’re just feeding your addiction without knowing it.

Addiction + Technology

look at me Im drinking a smoothie - Excitement about new restaurants or bars

“Look at me! I’m drinking a smoothie!”

Physical addictions like carbs and alcohol aside – another main addiction has swooped in to maintain this trajectory: Technology.

The non-stop barrage of hype and marketing you’ll receive even WAY before an establishment has a chance to prove themselves is astounding. Many months, sometimes a year or more before a place opens – they’re tweeting and posting (pre-marketing) while they build their followers and create that buzz.

Then after they open, mentally-enslaved sheep take pictures of themselves eating – to brag to their online followers that they are somehow better because of where they’re eating that night.

I mean, it’s just a room with kitchen, tables, and chairs inside. How “amazing” can a two-hour sit-down actually get? Unless they offer free happy endings and envelopes stuffed with cash and the cure for cancer, not much.

So they throw in gimmicks, fancy decorations, or carefully worded mantras like sustainability, locally-sourced, or whatever. Just to give the perception that it’s more than just sustenance in exchange for money for profit.

I guess we’re hard to excite these days. Sure, it’s hard to truly bash tasty food – or socializing with friends – but we can do without the heaping side order of hype any day of the week. Discovery by accident is more fun than anticipation and false expectations.

But this is par for the course today because most new places feel the need to follow the new model. I’d be curious to see a place just try something with zero hype.

Endnote: Eat right, never think about it

Truly – if you eat the way the human body is meant for you to eat (high fat, moderate protein, and low carb – HFMPLC), you’ll RARELY even think about food. Or even the “atmosphere” at a restaurant you might fancy.

Getting rid of those simple carbs and sugars – you might even skip a day of eating. The formality of a sit-down restaurant meal is a non-factor in your life. Second thought. Going out to eat might even become a time-consuming chore for you when you could be doing other more productive things with your life.

But because the whole “scene” and “lifestyle” has merged with the foods you eat – the lines have become blurred beyond recognition for most of you.

Check, please!

excited about new restaurants in Hoboken NJ - Excitement about new restaurants or bars

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Monday, October 17, 2016 7:37 pm

Chicken breasts (nuggets for kids) breaded in Almond flour and fried in coconut oil. Nom nom nom! Shredded coconut chocolate chip cookies! Bacon & eggs for breakfast! Happy kids too 🙂

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