Irritable Blotter Syndrome

Irritable Blotter Syndrome for Hudson County!

Back in the day – we used to monitor the police airwaves to get a “pulse” on what was going on around these parts.

Heck, it was interesting enough that even Howard Stern mentioned Hoboken411!

For a long while, the police scanner (as well as carefully crafted police reports) were somewhat interesting. It was not forever…

Our take eventually became mocking the retardation that took place on a daily basis. Mostly drunk buffoons and other low-class people with dead-end lives. Once every year or two – it was a “senseless murder…” or other “breaking news” type garbage. It was intriguing for a bit. But it became repetitive. And tiring. And soul-sucking.

How many “drunk toolbag” references can you make in a given lifetime?

But after years and years of the same old song and dance – it became clear – that it was hollow and empty. Unfulfilling. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

While there are still many people that get a “thrill” out of hearing about the bad times other complete strangers encountered (voluntarily or involuntarily) – we had a revelation. It was the equivalent of street gossip. Nothing was gained or achieved by “knowing” what we knew. Zero “betterment” other than knowing which areas of town to avoid “loitering” in (as if that wasn’t already obvious.)

Alas, the “bad news blotters” still garner interest among many.

irritable blotter syndrome - Irritable Blotter Syndrome

A typical weekly “roundup” of noteworthy incidents (out of thousands) contain only petty circumstances with little to no societal effect.

Drugs – who cares what kind of drug bust? There are NO victims in drug-related activities. The only “victim” is Big Uncle who doesn’t get to shave $$ off the “financial transaction.”

Most people who hurt someone else – know each other already. Isn’t that a clue to stop hanging those around degenerates?

99.9% of the people in Hoboken are not affected by any of the “crime” that is “reported” in the stupid local fish wrap. Again, gossip. Click-bait.

Most of the “fish wrap” stories are GENERATED from police reports which were CURATED by the PTB. Incidents that you’d have NO knowledge of – other than them getting parroted out by “news” organizations. The police department hand-picks cases that MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD. Anything that might give the city a negative reputation is kept from the bird-cage liners.

Do affluent white families in million dollar brownstones give two craps that some low-lives beat each other to a pulp? It’d be the equivalent of telling someone in the ghetto that some rich separated couple had an argument about who gets the Mercedes GL450 SUV for the weekend. Nobody gives a shit.

EVEN WORSE: The “local” news cycle!

The local news parrots are not independent news. 90+% of their “news” has a frickin’ dotted line to THE GOVERNMENT.

Here are 11 randomly selected headlines from January:

  1. “6 teens, 1 adult charged in Sunday shooting in Hoboken. No one was hurt in the early morning shooting, and police said it was unclear just who or what was being shot at.” – (Explain how do SEVEN people get charged with only two guns and NO victims? Exactly what is wrong with this country.)
  2. “After talks, Bayonne teachers have a tentative contract…” – (Legitimizing the indocrination centers)
  3. “Some convicted jewelry store murderer claims he’s innocent…” – (Petty crimes)
  4. “These are the projected top NJ school boy’s basketball teams…” (Again legitimizing “school.”)
  5. “Jersey City Gender Bias lawsuit involving Firefighter…” – (A manufactured crisis)
  6. “11 bold predictions for boy’s basketball…” – (Again with schools)
  7. “Bling rims and tires were stolen from a car…” – (Don’t have nice stuff in a crime-infested area)
  8. “A fight happened in Hoboken, a guy bled a little bit…” – (Par for the course with alcohol – should be an “at your own risk” purge zone.)
  9. “Hoboken cop circumvents Darwin with Drug OD spray…” – (Cops keep derelicts alive for job preservation.)
  10. “Hudson County Sheriff’s office doles out 300 tickets at sobriety checkpoint…” – (Robbery)
  11. “Mosque proposal in Jersey City…” – (Nah, this won’t cause any problems!)

All of them are either crime-related or government-related. WHY?

Then of course even more mundane headlines that should never infect anyone that stupidly agrees to read this crap:

  • “Skanky broad gives birth in bath tub of roach infested apartment…”
  • “Transgender boy whines about Cub Scout bullshit…”
  • “Some lady who lived in NJ was scared at the Ft. Lauderdale airport…”

All 100% useless – and your lives would remain unchanged without them.

How to reverse this cycle of mundane, unhelpful information?

One could argue that if there is an audience that wants this information – then anyone willing to peddle or provide it should be more than welcome to. Fair point.

But it goes deeper than that.

For one – while we think most of those reports are presented without bias (one of the few places in MSM that doesn’t) – the fact that they do report (selective) stories (and not all) is troubling. Every police report (sensibly redacted) should be available for public perusal.

The fact that they’re selective to a strong degree – means they are, by default, biased.

This cycle of “bad news” does not help anyone. Some folks get thrilled reading about shoddy circumstances outside their secured condo – but it adds NO VALUE.

Because if it added value – the incessant reporting of degenerate activity would lead to a revolution of some kind. But it stays the same. YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT.

So why not try a different method?

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