Hurricane Matthew – something to watch out for!

Hurricane Matthew – Category 5 (today)

No reason for alarm (yet), but Hurricane Matthew just reached Category 5 status about two and a half days after just being deemed a lowly “tropical storm.” Pretty rare.

Anyway, a lot can change – and Hoboken may be fine. However, some models are showing crappy times ahead for next weekend. Just something to keep in the back of your mind. Be sure to stay in tune with the latest forecasts.

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Hurricane Matthew – Potential for east coast

9/28/2016 12pm (original post):
Just a heads up, guys! Tropical Storm Matthew formed earlier today – and is predicted to become at least a category 2 storm – Hurricane Matthew – and weather nerds can see a category 3, 4, or even category 5 storm as a possibility.

But with the storm between eight to 12 days “out there,” these forecasts could “be for the fish” (i.e., it curves and goes back out to sea.)

However, some models we saw today – show a major event for the entire east coast.

One model showed 60 consecutive hours of rain and heavy wind for our area. That would suck royally.

(Moreso for the political chatter and fear mongering than the actual weather event – no matter how bad it gets!)

We’ll see what happens.

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