Trump Clinton Debate #1

Trump Clinton Debate #1 {Top 10 Observations}

Okay – we actually watched the Trump Clinton Debate tonight.

trump clinton debate 1

Top 10 Trump Clinton Debate Questions

Here are our Top 10 Observations:

  1. For one, we were surprised Hillary Clinton did not pass out or collapse. Her eyes were a bit weird at times, but she amazingly held strong. That’s not necessarily a good thing that didn’t collapse. It should be assumed that people are in good health – not a “miracle” she didn’t fold like a house of cards.
  2. Hillary’s “fake smile of confidence” was a bit disturbing.
  3. Trump held his own, and made some great points during the debate – however, he did not knock much “out of the park.”
  4. The lies (or disinformation) uttered by Clinton was annoying. Just “saying things” does not make them true. How politicians believe that is not surprising. However, the number of people in the public that are smarter than Clinton – well, that’s a different story.
  5. Blacks & Hispanics. I think most of them now know that the “liberal” system that is supposed to help them – is what is keeping them back – is at an all-time high. Which is why I think Trump has a bit of an advantage.
  6. For what it’s worth – Trump “interrupted” Clinton much more. Sensible, in our opinion, because she was lying. But that is her nature.
  7. Trump had what I believed to be the “sniffles.” Maybe it was post-nasal-drip. Who knows. But he didn’t seem to be in poor health.
  8. The Hillary emails. A PROFOUNDLY LAME EXCUSE – and an excellent response from Trump. It’s not a fucking “MISTAKE.”
  9. I wondered what drugs Hillary was on. Or how she stayed coherent during the debate. Could be one of the greatest mysteries of the 21st Century.
  10. Lastly – I was impressed by the moderator’s (Lester Holt) ability to be quite absent from most of the debate.

Who “WON” the Trump Clinton debate?

In my opinion – Trump won. Mostly because his points made sense, while Clinton’s points were ambiguous and had no real (honest) meaning to them other than general statements. You could sense the difference between the authenticity of each person’s words.

However, ordinary idiots would conclude that “no one” won the debate.

Why? Because there was no outstanding drama or all-out attacks or vitriolic positions taken.

I’ll say this now – I would like Trump to win. He makes sense. He offers solutions, talks about real problems.

Clinton, on the other hand, is just a political puppet.

We DO NOT WANT ANY MORE POLITICAL PUPPETS. We need a change BIG TIME in this country!

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Hillary must have told her doctor “Give me whatever the fuck you have to to keep me awake for 2 hours and I will sleep for 3 days afterwards”
Lester Holt was obviously biased in his topics. We are 20 Trillion in debt, ISIS is spreading around the world (and here), the housing bubble is in full effect, Obamacare is rapidly failing and he brings up the 5 year old birther issue … I mean really?
Trump is a self serving blowhard who will do whats in his best interest, and Hillary will die in office if she wins.
In a country of 330 Million people we couldn’t produce 2 better people then this? Jesus help us


Well said Hoboken 411- totally agree with your comments!!


Bernie Sanders would have been change….Trump would be chaos, overt racisim, and global instability.


“Overt racism?” Really? Please explain.