Unhappiness vs. Contentment

Unhappiness vs. Contentment {regardless of your situation}

contentment are you happy - Unhappiness vs. ContentmentHere’s some food for thought….

You ever think of what makes YOU unhappy (outside of stupid societal shit?)

It usually borders around the line of your personal contentment.

Key operative: contentment.

Another important word: perspective.

What is contentment vs. happiness anyway?

Well for starters, I’d think that anyone – along any financial spectrum can find happiness. Even “down and out” homeless people. It’s all about perspective and what makes you content (at that moment in time).

Think about these circumstances:

– A bum. No home. No job. Living on the streets. Any money he or she gets (to be “inclusive” to appease the SJW’s), is considered “joyous.” Whether it’s for more of the drug they’re addicted to – or some food, or even money for new shoes. That makes them happy. Although many “bums” are irritated if you give them just the three pennies in your pocket – well, they have a lesson to learn. “What? Someone just gave me $5 – I’m rich!”

– A low-wage-earner. They make $7 bucks an hour. They work 40 hours a week. About a $1100 a month before taxes. Maybe $750 a month after. What can they afford? But if they find an apartment with roomies for $300 a month – they have $15 a day to survive. More than a homeless guy, that’s for sure – plus a warm room and bed! “Wow, we just got a $2 increase! $2500 more per year! WOW! I can get that iPhone 7 now!”

– Middle Class. “Taking what they’re giving because I’m working for a living…” (to quote Huey Lewis…) Maybe one earner is making $50k a year. Perhaps the household income may be upwards of $150k annually. Before taxes. Before property expenses. But they have “stuff,” and will continue to have “stuff.” “Awesome! We both get a 10k raises.” “Yahoo! We have some breathing room!”

– Upper class (1% and beyond). They have so much money. They throw it out like it’s garbage. $20 grand a year for the pool company. $30k for the landscapers. $50k for the annual car leases for you, your S.O., and your spoiled kids. Things are great. “Honey, we just got an “insider” stock tip that netted us 500k in a week. BOO YAH!”

Unhappy times affect everyone (variably)

is it all about the money - Unhappiness vs. ContentmentSo – the “bum” we mentioned above – can be made “unhappy” in many ways. First thought is rain or cold weather. Shit, how crappy is that? Next is theft. Some other bum takes your shit? Game on. Lastly – if the “economy” in general goes down for your passerby – you’re equally fucked.

What about the low-wage earner? Even with a minor hourly increase – something like the price of gas, food, and shelter can affect them tremendously. Even a minor repair on their mode of transport can set them back, or even disable their earning potential.

And the “middle class” folk? It’s usually their lagging salary that bites them in the ass. If not that, then rising property taxes, fuel, food and other costs that stymie them.

The upper class? They don’t get affected as much – unless they were victims of frauds like Bernie (Madoff) and the like. Also, they have internal fraud to worry about from either trusted advisors or even cunning children. Many people “ride” the market way after the “signs” were there for them to “cash out.” Then they bitch that their lavish lifestyle goes down the tubes, and they are forced to conserve. Boo (hoo!)

And it’s not even all about the money either. Illness, dishonesty, breach of trust affects everyone across all spectrums.

Setting the bar of contentment (properly)

One of the main reasons many people are unhappy regardless of their “money” or circumstances is because the carrot is always out of reach. They always want MORE than what they can have. Sure, it’s good to have aspirations – but do they always have to be material?

The faster car. The bigger house. More gadgets. More travel. More, more, more.

Even misers can find unhappiness. 10 grand in the bank? They want 100. 50 grand in the bank? They want 500. And if something like a required necessary expense comes along (like a repair), that makes them unhappy, even if they had plenty of money saved. No contentment that they were wise enough to save.

But contentment should be easy. And it’s also good for your health.

Be happy for today. Find the little victories. Be grateful for what you have and do the best you can. Even if you don’t meet your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals – be happy for what you did achieve. Be introspective and gain insight and learn lessons from experience. There is always a silver lining.

The consumer-driven material aspect of society certainly doesn’t help – nor does the industrialized nature of how we get the essentials like food and water. The happiness gained from doing things yourself have been replaced by pre-packaged consumerism. So those are some places to investigate if you’re having trouble.

In the end – it’s easy to find happiness and contentment – and it all starts from within.

contentment and unhappiness in society - Unhappiness vs. Contentment

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