Reports of stupidity on the rise

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I’m sure a couple of you notice the incessant local “crime reports” that the bird-cage-liner media push out. Generally, people doing stupid things. Or getting caught up in stupid laws. We highlighted some last week.

A majority of the local “crime” news you might ingest typically involves some kind of person taking or possessing some kind of illicit “drug” the “powers that be” decreed was “illegal.”

We ask again:

1. What good does it do you to learn about two derelicts that injured or maimed one another?

2. How does it affect your mind (long term)? Do you become fearful because of this news? Even though it didn’t affect you one bit? Or do you become more “aware” and “vigilant” because you knew what happened in some remote place that you’ll never step foot near?

3. Would you be better off NOT knowing about things that had zero effect on your life?

4. Or more importantly – do these things cause the populous to “need” or “value” the enforcement thugs more? And their double-dipping public salaries?

Again – Read Avoid News by Rolf Dobelli.

Makes a lot of sense to people who still possess common sense.

But that number is fading fast. So scan the 11 pages while you still have your sensibilities.

Peace out.

stupid people stupid crimes - Reports of stupidity on the rise

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