Device addiction and blindness

Hmm – Device addiction and blindness

Recently obtained a “new” mobile phone. I did not NEED one, but I (sort of) got super-modern technology – for the sake of saving $50 a month. Won’t bore you with the tech details today, but rather talk about device addiction and blindness.

It required me to do a little research to get up to speed with certain aspects of this new device.

This involved delving deep into some user “forums” to obtain specific information.

device addiction 2016 in bed - Device addiction and blindness

This is why we ALWAYS leave our phone OUTSIDE the bedroom.

That reminded me of similar observations I’ve had in the past:

Technology makes people fucking nutty!

The myriad of settings, the minor complaints from users (battery life, performance, and other garbage) all from using way too many “apps” on a daily basis.

Snapchat, movies (seriously, movies? On a 5″ screen? Heck I hated watching shit on a 17″ laptop, let alone a screen a fraction of that size!) and all sorts of other modern day crutches (maps, social media, etc.)

People would strive for “optimal” charging time, as well as bitch about how low their batteries drained throughout the day, or how “hot” the dain-bramaging slices of plastic and metal became.

SO much effort put into “perfecting” their devices – only to forget about it all when they get a NEW one almost every year. Blinded by what is happening.

It led me to conclude that wow, people are fucked up. So much of their lives REVOLVE around these dumb-ass phones and the useless, soul-sucking garbage they’re ingesting – a pathetic turn for humanity. A perpetual cycle.

To see the army of zombies heads down every direction I head (city, suburbs, country, mountains) does not matter. The phones have won. Only a few of us left, actually.

I felt shitty getting this “fancy” phone. However, there was no other way to reduce my monthly costs (other than going to a “pay as you go” service-provider like Tracfone or the like.) That was my goal. Cut costs. I probably should have gone with that crappy company – but the security features of our new device are second to none (Blackberry Priv, in case you’re wondering).

The number of teenage girls and their moms walking into this store was mind-boggling. Even the enabling moms were clueless. Every five minutes! This is life now: Cell phones and mobile internet for everyone. Nothing else matters. Not even close.

But it’s just these moments… which are kind of scary (for the sake of humanity,) but are healthy to see. Helps me fortify my opinion about the whole direction we’re going and make other preparations.

Get ready people!

device addiction 2016 - Device addiction and blindness

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