“Local Riots” are nothing but crap

What do you think of those so-called “local-riots?”

A BUNCH OF CRAP is what they are. Degenerate (white, black, hispanic, or otherwise) toolbags WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO than “disrupt” civilization.

They produce nothing.

They take lots.

They abuse their bodies (drugs, alcohol, violence).

WHY DOES THE “MSM” Cover this shit? Let them get shot and killed. They do NOT MATTER to the betterment of society. They are the DREGS of Society.

But what is worse is that some say these “riots” would NEVER happen organically. They are organized by others (and why 70% of those arrested at a recent NC riot – were from OUT OF STATE). That should be the focus of the “news,” not the fake “reasons” they think the riot was provoked by.

Another reason to have a look at life outside of “big cities.”

screw those riots - "Local Riots" are nothing but crap

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Every time there’s a BLM riot there’s probably a big fat GEORGE SOROS in the woodpile. Yes, that George Soros: globalist and darling of the left.


watch Jon Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” about policing….may give you a different perspective.


. . . and so it has come to this – citing a late night comedian’s show for perspective on what passes for “news” these days.