Reverse Racism – Is this racist too?

Is this racist? Why single out ONE over others?

Normally – I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about what “image” people choose to use for their marketing. But as today’s “politically correct” disease manifests itself virulently through our mentally-enslaved culture – seeing billboards like this (from the Pulaski Skyway) caused me to think: Is this racist too?

For the past decade or more – the “crusade” against what amount to REAL DEMOGRAPHICS has been absurd.

America is still mostly white. With other ethnic groups “surging” in numbers, like Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and Indians. Whatever. Doesn’t matter who the majority is. You need to “coddle” those (mathematically) in the minority.

racist billboard where go getters get going - Reverse Racism - Is this racist too?

Marketing to desired demographics is not wrong

I’ll say this now – that if I were a marketing person, I’d study the area in which we were thinking about promoting something. If the area has a high concentration of, say, Indian people. And my job is to promote some institution of higher learning (or job placement), I’d say using an Indian image is probably not a bad idea.

But with today’s “PC” bullshit going on – the INCESSANT USE of minorities is mind-boggling.

Let’s take a catalog company for instance. I can’t remember which, but like Banana Republic or other similar clothing outfits. They use a COMPLETELY disproportionate number of minority models in the marketing.


Does that help them get more of those minorities buying their child-slave-labor crap?

Or does it just give them a “pass” for meeting the “diversity” quota of the month?

I can bet that companies like Banana Republic probably have similar sales stats to what the actual demographics are. Most likely more in favor of the caucasian nature – because you do not see many Banana Republics in inner-cities. Do you?

So why do they use disproportionate visuals? Who benefits?

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Think of it this way:

When the nation was boring 90% white, it won a world war, harnessed nuclear energy, invented the internet, invented the transistor, put a man on the moon, invented rock and roll, and put in an interstate highway system. Further back you get the airplane, telegraph, and friggin light bulb, etc.

But now we have the benefits of diversity! With that wind at our backs, I’m sure we’ll be eliminating poverty, stopping war, achieving equality/social harmony, and colonizing Saturn’s moons – any day now!

Ok maybe not but we did put a man in the ladies room, which is just as important.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Fun fact: the father of rock and roll is Chuck Berry – one of the blacks. Another fun fact: our interstate state highway system was modeled after the auto bahn which was created by the nazis.The more you know..


If the USA could do any of that stuff when it was horrifyingly un-diverse, just think of all it can do with the gift of diversity!

The sky’s the limit! No, Alpha Centauri and beyond!